Numerology of the House Address — Is Your Home Suitable for You?

Numerology of the House Address — Is Your Home Suitable for You?

head, psychologicalHave you ever thought that your address can have an influence on your happiness? As all the numbers are some sort of vibrations, your address has power to adjust the mood for your house in general. You need to be aware if the house where you live is not suitable for you and your family on the spiritual level. It is important to create an atmosphere that is positive for you and people around.

Even that your street, address and zip cope are important numbers, the most influential one is the house apartment number, as it has the closest to you.

This is how you can calculate your number for house or apartment:

To start, write the whole number of your house or apartment. Then, sum up all of the numbers to figure out the result. Downsize the result to a single digit.

Let’s take for example that you dwell by the address 3608 Pine Terrace. The house number in this case is 3608. You need to perform the next actions: 3+6+0+8=17. Downsize 17 to a one-digit: 1+7=8. So, if the person lives in the house 3608 Pine Terrace, he or she lives in the house number 8.

If you dwell in an apartment, the most meaningful number in your case is your apartment number, not the building number. Let’s take for example that you dwell by the address 3608 Pine Terrace, Apt 31. In such situation, you need to find out your apartment number. It is31.

You sum each digit of the number 31: 3+1=4. Your apartment has number 4.

Each letter also has a numerical value behind it, so if you live in apartment 31C, you need to find the numerical value of ‘C’ (the chart for letter-numerical value is provided below) and sum it with the apartment number that you already know.

In case of 31C – make the sum of 31: 3+1=4, then add the numeric value of C=3. 4+3=7. As a result, apartment 31C has 7 as an apartment number.

A, J, S → 1

B, K, T → 2

C, L, U → 3

D, M, V → 4

E, N, W → 5

F, O, X → 6

G, P, Y → 7

H, Q, Z → 8

I, R → 9

You can find the reading for your home number by following this article and understand how your home can change the way you live, or have already done so. If you are not satisfied with the number that you have and you want it to correspond to your life path number more, it is easy to fix by simply putting an additional number on your door.

For example, if you live in a #5 home and would rather live with #8 vibration, you should insert a number 3 inside your door and you are ready to go! Now your home has a #8 vibration! Have a great life!

Numerology of the House Address - 1 Home

Provides sufficiency, freshness, mastery, enthusiasm, impulse and victories. This is an amazing home for living of business-related people, especially entrepreneurs.


Numerology of the House Address - 2 Home

This is a home with warmth and love within, you can feel safe there and build your family there, as it possesses nice energy. It is a perfect house for people who aim to build family.


Numerology of the House Address - 3 Home

Number 3 has vital and joyful energy. It is a great house to spend childhood in, to gather people for parties and friendly meetings and other undertakings that involve lots of fun or people.


Numerology of the House Address - 4 Home

Number 4 house is similar to a fortress. If you want a place that has a very safe environment it is number 4. The energy is very calm, but strong, making sure the physical part is fortified.


Numerology of the House Address - 5 Home

Number 5 is the house for you if you like company of others and socializing. It is an amazing place to have a party, to have a business meeting or to spend your holidays at.


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Numerology of the House Address - 6 Home

Number 6 provides harmony in your house. It is full of warmth and beauty. This house seems attractive and convenient even when it is empty.


Numerology of the House Address - 7 Home

Number 7 is a number of spirituality. It goes well with people who are in search of the goal, who love to explore inner and outer world.


Numerology of the House Address - 8 Home

If you are looking for the house that fulfills your material dreams and where the atmosphere of entrepreneurship dominates – it is number 8 house.


Numerology of the House Address - 9 Home

Number 9 is a number of feelings and renewal. This house will be perfect for lots of people who search for a house to be happy and extremely active in.


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