Moon sign calendar is magic thing

Lunar phase calendar is a type of calendar, which had arisen because of the different periods of moon phases change. Connection of calendar and Luna, as astronomic and astrology phenomenon, was happened in deep antiquity. There is a version, that the first lunar cycle calendar arose in Mesopotamia. It is a territory of modern Iraq, in the cities and states of ancient shumers in the third millennium before Christ.

However, scientists continue to argue, when exactly moon sign calendar appeared, but they agree in opinion of its antecedence. The point is that changing of phases of Luna is one of the celestial phenomena which is easy to watch. For this reason many ancient people such as Babylonians, Jewries, Greeks, Chinese used moon phases calendar originally.

In the period of changing of life style from nomadic to settled, moon cycle calendar stopped to satisfy because agricultural works are connected with season changes, in other words, with the Sun. Therefore moon phases calendar after a rare exceptions began to be replaced by lunar-solar or solar calendars. One of exceptions is a Moslem calendar. It is created according to the change of lunar phases only. Therefore, it is purely moon cycle calendar.

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What kind of calendar did our ancestors use? Historians know for a long time that a lunar-solar calendar was used in ancient Russia. Our ancestors lived in harmony with nature. In connection with specialities of our country climate, lunar cycle calendar was not exact enough.

As you now, to use modern solar calendar is very simple. There are the set of "rules", for example, that new days always begin at 00:00 o'clock.

The "nonuniformity", which is met by us at using a modern calendar, is that one month lasts 30 days, and other- 31 days only. An exception is only one month - February.

It is vice versa in lunar phase calendar, everything is very mobile there. As water is liquid and changeable, the most influence Luna exerts exactly on it (causing fluxes and refluxes).

However, if we get accustomed to the official calendar and to reality attentively, we will see that the "once for all" set rules do not influence the behaviour of nature. Winter can begin earlier, already at the end of October (official autumn month), snow can lie and temperature can be subzero. The other year an autumn weather can last up to the first days of December.

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Nature is changeable and manoeuvrable. Influence of Luna and lunar eclipse on Earth and on life of human did not finish naturally, because lunar calendar practically left off using. We are creatures not only social but also "children of nature". Therefore, it is important to save flexibility, mobility, changeability for us. It is important to learn to feel the rhythms of nature for our health and happiness. And lunar calendar helps considerably in this.

For example, our organism reacts on changing of lunar phases sensitively. At the change of phase of Luna, water balance moves, the dynamics of water changes. It, certainly, influences our organs, systems and functions of organism. It influences not only our physical health and feel but also the psychological health. Dependence of liquid motion in organism (for example, blood, lymph) of lunar phases was proven a long time ago.

If our internal condition changes, behaviour changes too. Exactly because of it knowledge about basic regularities, which are described in the lunar calendar, helps us to be more successful in many spheres of life. When we do not know, what moment is better to operate and what sphere of life is needed to make efforts, we often try to break wall with the head, not seeing that there is a door near you. When we understand natural rhythms, influencing us, we can swim on the top of a power wave, as a sailing-vessel which is pushed by the power of wind.

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