When the Zodiac signs of parents and children are in conflict

The world would be different if the parents would always be astrologically compatible with their children. If parents and children would be always living on the same "emotional wave".

Love - is wZodiac signs of parents and children are in conflicthen you are understood and accepted the way you are. It is tragic that so many parents are not able to truly understand their children, just because they differ from each other by the emotional temperament.

Realizing that you are not compatible with your spouse or your friend, you are free to terminate the relationship. However, it is absolutely impossible, when it comes to the family matters. And even if sometimes you can still avoid contact with some certain members of your family, what would you do when it comes to the difficult relationship with your own child? It takes a tremendous effort and time for people to understand why they differ from each other, and learn the mutual tolerance, conceding that they are created from the entirely different emotional material.

This is very important in principle - to understand the emotional storehouse of the child, but if it is related to the emotions that are fundamentally contrary to yours, the question becomes more acute for both: parents and kids. When you bring a newborn baby from the hospital without a horoscope, without any astrological information about him, it is like you bring home a very expensive plant of valuable species - without the proper instructions for care. After all, for a flower or a tree to grow and develop properly, you need to know what it likes - a shadow or a bright sunlight, and how often it requires irrigation.

Dual discrepancy of the horoscopes of parent and child can cause particularly bitter suffering and pain. This refers, firstly to the conflict of Zodiac signs. And secondly - to the conflict of the hemispheres.

The deepest emotional chasm can separate fathers and their children, if the collision is between the "Emotional" (Water signs - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces or Fire signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), and the "Thinking" (Earth signs - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn or Air signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) signs.


What if a parent has the "Thinking" sign, and the child has the "Emotional" sign?

Conflict "sensualists" - "wise men" is creating bigger problems in the relationship, if the parent is a "Thinking" sign, and the child - the "Emotional" one. Oversensitive child of the Water sign, who desperately needs an emotional response may be simply overwhelmed by the emotional coldness and aloofness of a "Thinking" parents.

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Here's a few suggestions that will actually be very useful for you and help your "Emotional" child to feel fully loved

First of all, try to practice a very useful method of active listening. Active listening here means in simple words - telling your interlocutor what you think you've heard from him - or what he, in your opinion, is feeling right now. You can just repeat after him, word to word (like a parrot) or paraphrase - but without any personal additions, criticism or advises.

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What to do when a parent is an "Emotional" sign, and the child is a "Thinking" sign?

If you are from those parents, that were born under the signs of Fire or Water, you must understand that your child does not share your enthusiasm for the emotions. He is not so comfortable with them as you are. And you can radically change his future.

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What to do when a child is astrologically more dependent and more inclined to sacrifice himself, than a parent?

The second astrological factor, that is generating serious problems in understanding between parents and children is an imbalance of the hemispheres in the horoscopes. People with the very strong influence of the Western hemisphere are fundamentally different from those people, who have a very strong influence of the Eastern hemisphere.

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