Parent has the "Thinking" sign, the child has the "Emotional" sign

Conflict "sensualists" - "wise men" is creating bigger problems in the relationship, if the parent is a "Thinking" sign, and the child - the "Emotional" one.

Oversensitive child of the Water sign, who desperately needs an emotional response may be simply overwhelmed by the emotional coldness and aloofness of a "Thinking" parents. The child of "Emotional" sign is literally swimming in emotions and he needs an emotional feedback. Unfortunately, the emotional response is not peculiar to the parents of "Thinking" signs who do not like, firstly, the emotions themselves, and, secondly, their excessive manifestations.

Parents of the Earth and Air signs are prone to emotions at much less extend, than many others, as if they do not understand how their "Emotional" Fire or Water child feels. Mother Aquarius, sincerely loving her daughter Pisces and showing a genuine interest in her desires and needs, may do it so secretly, that her daughter will not even notice her mother's love, and would take her mother as a distant stranger.

You may ask: how the understanding of your child's emotional nature - which is making no sense for you - can defuse the situation and help him to feel that he is loved? It's not as difficult as you think, you just need to change your style of communication with him.

To begin, we would encourage you to talk openly about all of this with the child. Tell him that you have received a new information, which you would like to share with him, and that this knowledge has helped you to understand that there are some significant differences between you two, particularly in the manner of expressing love and need for love.

Add that you will try to be more attentive to your child's needs and try to understand what he feels. Tell your child that you need his support, only then you will be able to help him - in future he must always say openly, if he thinks that you're too cold, cutting, or even communicate with him in an unacceptable manner. Your child should always feel your support and understand that you two are "playing in the same team" when it comes to your relationship.

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