Parent is an "Emotional" sign and the child is a "Thinking" sign

If you are from those parents, that were born under the signs of Fire or Water, you must understand that your child does not share your enthusiasm for the emotions. He is not so comfortable with them as you are.

And you can radically change his future, if you teach him to handle his emotions properly. First, he must realize that emotions are not as frightening as they seem. Among people of "Thinking" signs, probably there is a lot more hidden neurotics than among people of "Emotional" signs, because for the "nerds" it is extremely difficult to cope with their own feelings (anger, depression, disappointment, frustration).

You can help your "thinking" child to understand that this fear for emotions - is just a peculiarity of his nature, character, and there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of: emotions are a natural part of life for everyone. Encourage your child to learn how to accept emotions and how to express emotions - no matter which ones. Help your child to understand how important it is for his mental health to realize that the fear for feelings is much worse than the feelings themselves.

The unexpressed anger is the reason for a huge number of various psychosomatic disorders. Remember, it is better to let the child to express his anger or rage (even in a somewhat "wild" form), than letting your child to suppress it in himself.

Such a child is afraid of any emotions, and that's why you have to be very careful with him. You must never be rude with the "thinking" children, especially yelling at them is strictly forbidden. Children of the Air signs are particularly susceptible to the emotional disbalance. They may become physically sick from the emotional stress.

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