What to do when a child is astrologically more dependent and more inclined to sacrifice himself, than a parent?

The second astrological factor, that is generating serious problems in understanding between parents and children is an imbalance of the hemispheres in the horoscopes.

People with the very strong influence of the Western hemisphere are fundamentally different from those people, who have a very strong influence of the Eastern hemisphere. When this imbalance occurs in the relations of parents and children difficulties will hardly be avoided, especially if a parent is a distinct representative of the Eastern hemisphere, and the child is a clearly pronounced representative of the Western hemisphere.

The main difference between these two types of people is in the fact, that the "Eastern" people are much more independent, they are less in need of others and their approval, they are closed on themselves and completely self-sufficient. "Western" people need a warm, intimate relationships, often feel insecure and are afraid of rejection. Now you understand how a child, strongly influenced by the Western hemisphere may feel beside his self-sufficient parents, who have a completely different attitude for everything. Of course, he feels unloved and abandoned.

This is not true that the "Eastern" people do not like anybody at all and do not need anyone ever, the only question is the degree and intensity of their need to communicate and love. Both types of imbalance can lead to a very serious consequences. The most perfect case, when the planets are evenly distributed between the two hemispheres. Then people will be completely independent, and at the same time will have a healthy desire for contact with the others and a need to care for them.

But the parent of the "Eastern" type can not change and transform himself into a man of the "Western" orientation with the usual desire to communicate. It is as unlikely as the fact that "Western" people will suddenly become independent and no longer attracted to the others. But you must understand the difference between you and your child and try to treat him the the way, that he will understand.

You must have enough patience and, day by day, step by step, build a relationship with him, carefully thinking through every action, every word - so that your child would feel your active contact with him. Then you can somehow "erase" the differences between you and your child.

If you find yourself automatically telling "no" to your child, stop and rethink the situation. Think, maybe you refused to do, what he was asking for just by habit? Perhaps, after some hesitation you will feel ready to say "yes." Try to push back your own agendas and needs of secondary importance in such situations.

Unfortunately, people, who are too much influenced by the "Eastern" hemisphere do not even want to think about this "nonsense". Yes, it happened many times, that you - and not even once - were giving up your own plans and intentions for the child. But be honest, how often do you commit such "heroic" acts in the recent times? Have you done these things that would make your son or daughter to scream and laugh out-loud from happiness and would make them to feel your boundless love? It does not need much to improve your relationship with your child. The smallest effort will bring you in this matter the greatest joy!

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