A few suggestions that will help your "Emotional" child to feel fully loved

Here's a few suggestions that will actually be very useful for you and help your "Emotional" child to feel fully loved.

1. Try to practice a very useful method of active listening. Active listening here means in simple words - telling your interlocutor what you think you've heard from him - or what he, in your opinion, is feeling right now. You can just repeat after him, word to word (like a parrot) or paraphrase - but without any personal additions, criticism or advises. This technique will help your child to feel that you care about him, because you really hear what he is trying to say - and not trying to criticize. This is the most important method of communication that is available to anyone who wants to improve his relationship with another person. It is so phenomenally effective that can fundamentally change the whole style of relationship.

2. Please be patient! The child should feel that you give him enough time. If you decide to discuss the painful issue, make sure first that you have the necessary time to listen to each other and say what you want to say - and, most importantly, that you both are currently in a suitable state of mind. If the problem is very serious and can not be resolved quickly, spend some extra time - this way your child will feel that he is more important than all the other things in your busy life. Pour some lemonade into a glass and sit back, ready to talk. It's just a few extra minutes - but the child will understand how important he is for you!

3. Watch your tone. With the kids of "Emotional" signs, especially the elements of Water, you must talk quietly and pleasantly. They are so painfully sensitive that any harsh word or expression, even though they may simply imagine it, can deeply hurt their gentle soul. If you were born under the Earth sign (Capricorn or Taurus - Virgo is somewhat different), your child may take you as a very pragmatic person, which for him is identical with coldness or indifference. If you are - an air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), your "emotional" child may feel your latent suspicion. For parents, who are effected by the Earth and the Air elements, and who want to build with their children more cordial relationship and want to show a truly good feeling, sometimes it is enough just to paint the tone and style of communication with their hypersensitive child with warmth and love.

4. Talk to your child about what you feel, not what you think. "Feeling" children are leaded by their emotions. Talking to the "Thinking" dads and moms, they often feel frustrated because they speak different languages when it comes to feelings. If you are - a sign of Earth or Air, you will probably want to talk about the thoughts, not feelings. And it will certainly be reflected in your vocabulary. For example, you may say: "I think we need to remember ..." But your emotionally oriented child is more willing to respond to a phrase like: "I feel that we need to remember ..." It may seem silly, but you do not even know what effect can cause such a small change! Again, if you ask a child to do something, avoid the commanding manner, talk to him politely, in the form of a polite request, as if leaving him the opportunity for the independent decision-making. This is a very subtle subtext, but very effective.

5. From time to time put feelings above facts and try to understand exactly the feelings of your child. Parents of the Earth and Air signs usually make decisions based on reality, rather than trying to listen to the feelings and emotional needs of the child. For example, if you let your child to go to bed later than usual, but meet with his beloved uncle, who is leaving for six months, it will be a real gift for him - because you put his feelings first. "Thinking" parents, of course, above all, are worrying about the harm from the broken regime. They are fixated on the fact that children need to sleep a certain number of hours a day to be healthy physically. But there is still a child, and his emotional needs that should be met in the name of his spiritual and emotional health.

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