Karmic Debt Numbers

NumbersDid you think that all the events that occurred in your life were meant to happen? All this chain of events despite they were good or bad tempered you and led you to the person you are today. In Numerology we use the idea of karmic debt that states that in order to correct the mistakes of the past and to reach your goals in the present you need to deal with problems and to go through them. Certain numbers are associated with the problems you have to go through, as soon as you overcome those negative features presented by these numbers, you will be ready to move to the better phase of life. It is a procedure of purifying by trials. Karmic debt number is aimed to test and teach you, to make you better and stronger then you were before and consequently leads to the better life. It usually makes you correct the mistakes you hadn’t corrected in your previous life.

The way to find your Karmic Debt number:

If during the process of finding out other important numbers for yourself like Life Path number, Expression number, and in calculations of your core numbers, you get 13, 14, 16 or\and 19 – these are your Karmic Debt numbers.

Number 13

Number 13 also implicates a debt of being accountable for your actions. No matter what you do, it is very important for you to understand all the possible consequences and be ready to accept them with dignity.


Number 14

Number 14 as a Karmic Debt number is about a person who needs to be taught a lesson of self-moderation.


Number 16

Number 16 breaks the stereotypes and reveals the truth; however it can become really painful sometimes.


Number 19

Number 19 is a sign that in your past life your previous self tend to be prejudicial and vain to others.