Karmic Debt number - Number 14

                                                            water bike, number, fourteenNumber 14 as a Karmic Debt number is about a person who needs to be taught a lesson of self-moderation. This person was too self-indulgent in previous life, was not able to concentrate on one and essential thing for a long time. The only thing that led that person was changeable and numerous desires. It was impossible for such person to concentrate, because as soon as a new desire appeared all the determination was eliminated. You can balance the flaws from the past life by trying to be more meaningful and serious in this life. If you want to succeed, you need to understand what you really want, what is important for you and move in that direction without distractions on things along the way. It can be difficult, but it cannot be compared to the joy and satisfaction you will get as soon as you have accomplished your goal.

Number 14 says that you need to have your own set of principles and to live up to it. The more concentrated and directed you are the more chances you have on succeeding in almost everything you do. Also it is very important for people with number 14 to be careful in love. You need to understand your inner self and to learn real love and commitment. One of the most problematic things for you is to focus on one person, and not to scatter on everybody now and then. Your main challenge is to reduce the amount, but to increase the quality of everything: from your relationships, to your attitude to work. After you have practiced concentration and determination, you will not want to come back to chaotic style of life.

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