Karmic Debt number - Number 16

water bike, number, fourteenThis is one of the most complicated and most rewarding numbers if you overcome it. This number means that you live with pink glasses, that you avoid the truth and adhere to wrong information. You will need to revise your whole life. You need to change your principles, values and authorities. It is needed to look at the life from the other perspectives. Number 16 encourages person to change the position in life into the opposite and become more open to other ideas and to people. Number 16 breaks the stereotypes and reveals the truth; however it can become really painful sometimes. It is your challenge, to withstand the trial of truth, to become more open-minded and to question your authorities. As soon as the person tries to go through it, karmic principle rewards the person in life, encouraging the changes in right direction.

If the person refuses to face the truth for too long, the situation in life gets only worse, accelerating the upcoming changes. The core of personality must be changed. The person after this is usually hard to recognize. People say that it has changed them or that the past self stayed in the past. It is a chance for new beginning. Being flexible, adjustable, curious and positive about the world can help you beat the karmic number 16. Your reward will be the inner calmness and general success in life.

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