Karmic Debt number - Number 19

number, nineteenNumber 19 is a sign that in your past life your previous self tend to be prejudicial and vain to others. It is a lesson of proper communication with others. You refused to adhere to others, to sympathize with them. You lived in a shell and didn’t want to pay attention to people around you, being selfish and closed to the world. You doubt the existence of positive force in the universe. In this life you have to cope with problems from your past, caused by the coldness of your previous self. If you want to become happier, you need to become more open, caring, kind and willing to help. It is not an easy thing to do, but you are capable of changes.

This number also states the problem of making biased judgment and poor decisions. You live up by the principles you made such a long time ago, but you have changed since then, as well as the world around. You might even understand it yourself, but your obstinacy and desire to be always right don’t let you live easier and more successful life. If you don’t change your principles, you close the door of opportunities.

Karmic number 19 implies changes in relationships with people. You need to become more flexible when it comes to your vies on life and judgment of people. Your critical approach doesn’t make you happier, because the foundation of this approach is negative of other people. You need to change the way you imagine others, and they will do the same for you, leading you to a warmer and friendlier lifestyle.

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