Moon in the natal chart of the child

The position of the Moon in the natal chart should be considered in any activity: in the choice of profession, the organization of everyday life, building partnerships and parent-child relationship. External direction is to use the available information to develop relationships with those people, who are important to you.

Find out, where the Moon was at the birth time of your family members and try to relate it to the proposed recommendations. Make sure that the leading needs of the person are satisfied - and his subconscious will always be working for you. And the subconscious craving is much stronger than any conscious beliefs, claims and liabilities.

In the beginning, let's find out why it is important to take into account the position of the Moon in the chart of the child, and then - give interpretation of the Moon in the signs, and single out, how to organize the care for the child with the Moon in a particular sign.

So, the Moon - is a leading demand of our personality, potential indicator of emotions and intuition. This is one of the features of our psyche that we possess from birth. We are all born with a set of certain innate qualities - temperament. And then, in the process of interaction with the environment, we create a model of how our qualities are being expressed outside - we form a character that is defined as a set of acquired mental properties.

We can say that the emotional health of a person will depend on how much will be met his/her leading human needs in the childhood.

Among other things, the Moon, with a review of the available model of a family in the chart, is representing the child himself. Family model shows how the child sees himself and his family, the attitudes of parents (between each other and to the child) until the age of seven. And this model in the future becomes the basis for the perception of the individual and the world, helps or hinders his spontaneous self-manifestation, and also makes an adult to form his own family, according to the experience gained.

It is therefore necessary to pay a special attention to the position of the Moon in the chart of the child and try to acquire the experience of meeting the leading needs in a positive way. 

Now let's turn to the interpretation of the Moon in signs.


Moon in Aries

Leading hummoon-in-ariesan need with the Moon in Aries will be the opportunity to show initiative and the real action. At the same time he needs people around him to acknowledge his identity, or any activity loses it's meaning for him. Moon in Aries is showing us the need for personal significance.

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Moon in Taurus

For the Momoon-in-tauruson in Taurus is necessary, above all, the sense of reliability, which includes the reality: people, house, stuff. He will not get involved in adventures or take decisions in haste. Everything that surrounds this child, must ensure his safety and comfort. These people are never in a hurry and do not like changes.

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Moon in Gemini

Moon in Gemmoon-in-geminiini suggests a strong need to be heard. Such a person must pronounce all his emotions. In addition, it is very important for him to hear and know, what you feel. Without certainty in the emotions and feelings the young Gemini will feel lost.

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Moon in Cancer

Moon in Canmoon-in-cancercer is very strong. Here it is "at home" because Moon is the ruler of this sign. A person with Moon in Cancer has an enormous depth of intuitive and emotional susceptibility. For this child it is important to have the opportunity to give a vent to his emotions in any activity.

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Moon in Leo

Moon in Leo nmoon-in-leoeeds a personal recognition. This need is so deep and so hidden in the subconscious, that sometimes the person is not aware of it's role in motivating his own perceptions, actions and behavior in general. Criticism  is wounding him deeply, though he never fails to hide it.

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Moon in Virgo

Lunar Virgos are moon-in-virgovery demanding to themselves and to the others. The subconscious desire for perfection often leaves them unsatisfied with the existing environment or situation. However, their diligence, hard working and good nature is bringing them the reputation of a good workers.

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Moon in Libra

Leading hummoon-in-libraan need with the Moon in Libra is achieving the self-respect through their status in the society. Lunar Libra need to be seen, to feel acceptance and popularity.

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Moon in Scorpio

People with the Momoon-in-scorpioon in Scorpio have a very deep and emotionally rich inner world. They are also characterized by the greatest ability to heal themselves. However, they do not realize this and often cultivate a sense of their own imperfection, resulting in the increased demands to themselves and others.

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Moon in Sagittarius

Leading hummoon-in-sagittariusan need with the Moon in Sagittarius is the recognition of his authority and respect of his opinions, as well as a manifestation of optimism and open-mindedness. Therefore, many of them at some point in their lives, at least for some time, are turning to teaching.

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Moon in Capricorn

Leading neemoon-in-capricornd for such a position of the Moon will be a need for strategic effectiveness, planning of actions and life in general, discipline, cutting off everything, that is unnecessary. Very high sense of duty and domestic responsibilities. Sense of responsibility for any outward reaction shown.

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Moon in Aquarius

For the Moomoon-in-aquariusn in Aquarius it is typical to have a subconscious tendency to look in the future. Here we will always see the need for a constant change and for the intellectual and ideological rationalization of all emotions. The subconscious desire to lead people and to express ideas.

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Moon in Pisces

Leading Lumoon-in-piscesnar Pisces's need is to express their deepest emotions, sensitivity and to find understanding of their subtle perception of the world by the others. This makes them very sensitive to the environment. If they do not find understanding, they become moody, starting to complain about life and the whole world around.

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