Moon in the natal chart of the child - Moon in Pisces

Leading Lunar Pisces's need is to express their deepest emotions, sensitivity and to find understanding of their subtle perception of the world by the others. This makes them very sensitive to the environment.

If they do not find understanding, they become moody, starting to complain about life and the whole world around. Finding ways of self expression may often lead the Lunar Pisces to any form of art, and often several at once, allowing them to open their fine nature. Many of them are artists, musicians and poets. And each of them does something poetic and emotional.

They are very much attracted by everything mysterious and unknown. And the internal sensitivity makes it possible for them to know what is hidden from the outside glances. All this, with the development of available resources, can make a person with the Moon in Pisces a fine mystic. However, this position is always calling to some extra care: learning the laws of the subtle world, you should still remember the world of "rough reality", not to fly beyond it's borders and not to lose the ability to sensibly evaluate everything.

A child with the Moon in Pisces has a very rich inner world. This kids are perceiving very deeply everything that happens to them. However, this exactly depth of all internal processes is not allowing sometimes to express, what is going on inside. So very often by the expression of the child's face his parents still can not understand, what he feels. And most of the Lunar Pisces keep this trend until the adulthood.

These kids need to put their noses into everything, that is hidden from them or prohibited. They are reacting very emotionally  to any waivers and requirements of order and discipline. Parents should strive to recognize and accept the emotional depth of the child. On how the child will understand his own inner world in the childhood, will depend his emotional health in his adult life.

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