Moon in the natal chart of the child - Moon in Capricorn

Leading need for such a position of the Moon will be a need for strategic effectiveness, planning of actions and life in general, discipline, cutting off everything, that is unnecessary.

Very high sense of duty and domestic responsibilities. Sense of responsibility for any outward reaction shown, often leads to the emotional stiffness. To a large extent there is the desire to control the others. Person with the Moon in Capricorn is characterized by a steady adherence to a certain subconscious target and during the life time it is necessary to bring this target to the consciousness (it is the karmic purpose of this position) and also choose the correct ways, by which the target will be achieved.

The typical internal stiffness is given for something and that something can be very well expressed in words. The Lunar Capricorn needs a careful analysis aimed at the identifying of the subconscious tendencies.

For a child with the Moon in Capricorn, routine and thoroughly planned activities are most important. Inform him in advance about the outlines of your plans for the current or the next day, if possible agreeing with him everything that concerns his actions. He will take it very seriously and responsibly. For your child it is very important to feel, that he can somehow control the course of his life. If this child does not receive an appropriate emotional experience, in the future he may develop a low self-esteem and try to increase it by humiliating the others.

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