Moon in the natal chart of the child - Moon in Taurus

For the Moon in Taurus is necessary, above all, the sense of reliability, which includes the reality: people, house, stuff. He will not get involved in adventures or take decisions in haste.

Everything that surrounds this child, must ensure his safety and comfort. These people are never in a hurry and do not like changes. Any haste or any pressure from outside for them is a source of a great discomfort. But if they really want something, then their emotional onslaught can be compared with the movement of an excavator: slowly but surely.

Do not ask the child with the Moon in Taurus to share his toys with the other children, if he does not want it. The need for possession and accumulation is manifested in these kids very early, and this must be considered. Consider also the desire to keep the traditions, and make any necessary changes gradually.

Even the transition from winter clothes to the spring ones your baby will perceive as something unusual, and therefore unsafe. Try to make any change to the regime - from the needs and desires of the child himself. Most importantly, never rush your baby, for him it's a great stress.

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