Style your house by the rules of Feng Shui

Here are a few tips on how to choose the style of the house according to Feng Shui. After designing a room, apartment or a house in accordance with your current preferences, six months later you may find out that you like a completely different style.

But one tFeng-shui-living-roomhing remains unchanged: the interior of your home must be in a contact with the element of your birth. Do not use all the tips and ways simultaneously. Choose one color, one subject, one general idea and make it a reality instead of trying to do everything at once.


For the people of Fire

Fire goes well with the tree and treats it favorably in it's environment. Wood nourishes the fire and gives a feeling of comfort and reliability, and sometimes even makes it to break out of passion. But we should not be too zealous. If you are filling your room with the wooden furniture and plants, putting a green carpet on the floor and choosing the wallpaper with the green pattern, then you are shifting the balance strongly in favor of the tree.

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For the people of Earth

You usually have a well developed sense of the environment, even if you do not feel the craving for beauty and not inclined to surround yourself with the exquisite things. The earth element is responding very well to the elements of fire and metal, but with an excess of water you may lose footing and begin to experience uncertainty in your abilities, and the excess wood makes you too static.

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For the people of the Metal

Although the main symbols of metal include gold and silver, it must be remembered that, surrounding yourself with the attributes of your own element, you are breaking the balance between pragmatism and romantic relationships. It can make you a very wealthy man, but it is unlikely to make you happy. Greed and hunger - are not the same.

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For the people of Water

Although wood and metal are perfectly combined with the water, you need to start with the earth element to stabilize your energy. To revive the romantic feelings, put in a prominent place in your room a malachite box or a splice of crystal. Fossil shell, or even just a few colored pebbles in a glass bowl or a stone pot, will also be a favorable background.

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For the people of the Tree

Fire - is a magical and creative element to the tree, so if possible, hang a chandelier in the bedroom, put a candle or get a bright colorful lamp for the kitchen. Another excellent symbol of "fire" for the kitchen will be a garland of dried red peppers - you can put it on the wall beside the door. It will inspire you and give some certain fire to your passions.

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