Rules of Feng Shui - For the people of the Metal

Although the main symbols of metal include gold and silver, it must be remembered that, surrounding yourself with the attributes of your own element, you are breaking the balance between pragmatism and romantic relationships.

It can make you a very wealthy man, but it is unlikely to make you happy. Greed and hunger - are not the same. In order to bring your home into a state of harmonious balance, you should use the water and earth elements. The tree element is also useful, but you probably have enough furniture and books, so you do not need to consider this element much in your everyday life.

Water and earth are creating an atmosphere of frankness and a sincere dialogue between the partners. Shells, picked up on the beach, rolled vellum, pieces of stone or weathered pieces of glass, polished by waves, it is easy to include all this little things in the interior of the room. Flint has a particularly strong energizing effect on the metal, although it is difficult to find it, unless you live in a suitable location. You can use any piece of the old rock, found during a walk, and you can put on a shelf some pink shell from the sea. If you don't have much time or much opportunities to go to the beach or to arrange a trip to the woods, get yourself a piece of natural amber and put it on the windowsill in your bedroom.

Seascapes, pictures of lakes, even the simple Japanese drawings with the cozy landscapes will give your room an extra comfort. Water color may have a devastating impact, in this case you should put a cup of black and blue marbles on the highest shelf in your room. You will not see the shades of water, but they will still work for you.

By adding in the room some warm colors of terracotta, yellow ocher and burnt umber of the earth, especially if it complies with the design of your kitchen or bathroom, you can get a better understanding in the relationship with your partner.

Picture in a frame of black wood or ebony will add a magical touches of the water element to your interior. Black and dark blue shades can also be presented in the form of hints in various tissues - especially in the bedspreads, curtains, drapes and pillows. Avoid the curved iron and metal furniture: it will stimulate your energy as a powerful magnet and push you to the extremes in terms of feelings.