Numerology Lifepath 1



lifepath 1The Life Path 1 describes an entry into this plane in which you hold leadership skills naturally. You have a strong sense of personal desire, and appreciation for becoming independent and a drive toward personal achievement. These are great idea people also have the ability to reach their goals.

People with Life Path 1 often include CEOs and business leaders, politicians and military generals. Those with positive Path One characteristics have a strong drive to accomplish great things in life and are often inspired to creativity with an enthusiastic attitude. You are excellent at launching new projects and ideas. You are also great at overcoming obstacles and finding solutions to problems. This strength manifests as both physical and mental prowess and is often combined with an elevated sense of determination and leadership ability. Your natural predilection to take control of situations can be a positive aspect of your personality, but could also become a negative if done at the wrong time.

Confidence is never a problem for you and you tend not to shrink away from any social or personal situations. You are comfortable asserting your ideas and self-promotion, though you should be wary of excessive ego. If you can contain the potentially self-centered attitude, people will find you generally good-natured, entertaining to converse with and invigorating to be around. Similar people are easily drawn to you, which makes it easy for you to avoid uncomfortable disapproval.

People on Life Path 1 can have negative traits associated with it as well. These natural leaders may find it difficult to follow another if necessary in business or social settings. Those who have not yet realized their true potential may present themselves as dependent and self-absorbed when they are still young.

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