Interesting Facts About Numerology

numbersThroughout history, numbers played a key role in societies; they represented quantities, were used to symbolize qualities, and at the same time interpreted compatibility, timing, personality traits, and so on. The abovementioned factors were and are still depicted via divine method called numerology, which in ancient times were also called number mysticism. In simple terms, it is a study of numbers that are associated with your life. It is a concept that accepts the premise that the universe is an ideology and if we can “break it down,” we can obtain basic elements in the form of numbers, which in turn, can be utilized to help us comprehend the world and ourselves in general. Do you have inquiries regarding this method? Then continue reading to appreciate it.

How numerology work

Since the idea behind numerology is your life as well as the universe are affected by your birthdate, you can then utilize this factor to discover your life path number. It is a number that—in simple terms—outlines challenges and/or opportunities that you may encounter along the way. To know your life path number, it is best if you get a professional numerology reading.

The history of numerology

How numerology started and eventually how it came to be is still a mystery to many — just like — a myriad of ancient philosophies. According to researches, Egypt as well as Babylon were the earliest civilizations that had written records that pertained to numerology. In addition to this, other evidences that support the said method suggested that it was also used for many years in China, Japan, Rome, Greece, and others. Despite the vague origin, modern - day numerology is credited to Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician and philosopher. Although, it remains unclear whether or not he invented numerology, according to a number of researches, he had a couple of key theories behind it. Theories that took numbers to a whole new level.

The disagreements

Pythagoras, numbersUp to this day, numerologists disagree on diverse topics and experts in several fields have varying opinions on a couple of key factors. For instance, they argue on “Master Numbers”. Traditionally, they were 11 and 22, but today some also include 33 and 44 in the list. Furthermore, some even include 2 digit numbers together with three digit numbers that have repeating digits as master numbers.

In addition to the abovementioned facts, there are so many things regarding numerology that you may find interesting. Read the succeeding paragraphs to appreciate such divine method.

→ The individual who actually came up with the term “numerology” and at the same time gave awareness as well as recognition to it in modern times is Dr. Julian Stenton. Before it was made known, there were so little information about it and Stenton played a very significant role in making it extremely popular nowadays.

→ Your strengths as well as weaknesses can be determined with the use of numerology.

→ Here, your full name (includes your middle name), birthday (month, date, and year format) is going to be used to calculate the numerology numbers.

→ In case you change your life (e.g. marriage, legal undertakings, and so on.), you can still use your numerology numbers. But it is going to be placed on a second chart that is specifically used for changed names.

→ Bear in mind, though, that the name that is first recorded in your birth certificate still carries profound effects on your personality as well as destiny. This is because in numerology, the primary numbers are equal — regardless what they are.

→ Your score numbers carry both positive as well s negative features and you should not skip them in any case since they are essential in determining the numerological numbers for meanings in any of your life’s aspects. They include love, career, health, business, and the like.

→ You can calculate your life path number, which is both general and specific. To do so, you need to get the digits in your birth date, add them together until you obtain a specific number (from 1 to 9). The number that you get here can be used to describe the general direction and/or trend of your life.

→ The shorter periods in your life can also be used and they can help you understand the experience that you gained in the past or you will gain in the near future; basically key timetables of your life.

→ The numerology data regarding your year, month, as well as the day of your birth are made up certain ways you determine the challenges that you encounter from your birth date.

→ Your numerological numbers can act as your “life guide” that can help you prepare for certain experiences that you need to face.

→ If fatal numbers are present in your numerology chart, chances are, an abuse in one of your previous lives is counterpoised in your present life. If they appear on your life path, the mentioned numbers will influence all the aspects of your life.


The abovementioned facts can help you appreciate numerology and possibly encourage you to try it yourself. Remember, it does not have to be complicated and you can always hire professional numerology readers to explain it to you or perform readings that can play a compelling role in your life. To add, many practitioners out there are expertly trained to perform readings in the most effective and efficient way possible without compromising the information that you or they give.

All in all, it is a great experience that is worth the try and if done right, can change your life for the better. Just make sure to do your homework and hire a reader that is backed with a long history of customer satisfaction, excellence, and so on.

Do you have other facts that you’d like to share? How about a success story that can encourage skeptics out there? Give us a shout on our comments page, it can be helpful in more ways than one and for sure, many will appreciate your effort.

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