Keywords of numerology - Basic Meaning of Numbers


The core numbers used in the study of numerology are, in their essence, all equivalent, one to another. It is crucial to understand this principle. Each core number has its positive features, however it also has its negative caveats, which should not be ignored in any case. The following list provides brief explanation of positive and negative features for each core number (including double digit master numbers):

1 Positive Features: Action motivator, a revolutionary spirit, creative ideas, powerful leadership skills, self-sufficient, drives to accomplishment, unique style, responsibility, self-organization, outstanding will and determination, brave.

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1 Negative Features: Excessively self-assured or even aggressive, dominating, hasty, egocentric, showing off, stubbornness.

2 Positive Features: Assistance, flexibility, caring about others, sensitive to the needs of associates, partnering, a reasonable judge or intermediary, modest, frank, influenced by spirituality, decent diplomatic skills.

2 Negative Features: Shyness, coyness, nervousness, embarrassment, overly dwells in detail, depression.

3 Positive Features: Many various ways of self-expression, verbosity, keen imagination and inspiration, artistic talents, precise impressions and insights, ever optimistic, joyful and fun-loving.

3 Negative Features: Scattered powers, overstatement, lack of direction, tends to leave projects unfinished, moodiness, selfishness.

4 Positive Features: Well-built sense of order and morals, striving to tear down limits, stable development, high practicality, scientific orientation of mind, attention to detail, foundation for achievement, an ingenious organizer, master of management.

4 Negative Features: Unimaginative, caught up in detail, stubborn permanent opinions, confrontational, sluggish in some activities, takes everything too serious, confused.

5 Positive Features: Ambitious plans, innovative and imaginative ideas, bright-minded, adaptable and ever-changing, action oriented, inquiring and exploring, promoting, resourceful in using independence beneficially.

5 Negative Features: Impatient, discontent, anxious temperament and speech, frustration, too hasty in decisions, lacking of practical application of ideas.

6 Positive Features: Notable responsibility, artistic, a nurturing temper, socially oriented, balanced, sympathy for the ones around, humanitarian orientation of mind, generosity, love of home and domestic affairs, gladly offers service to others.

6 Negative Features: Vanity, sanctimony, persistence, mulish, dominates family and friends, intrusive, tends to narcissism and susceptible to flattery, excessively outspoken.

7 Positive Features: Excellent analyst and researcher, bright and curious seeker of knowledge, technical and inventive, bookish, meditating, charismatic personality and behavior, tends to solitude and peace, a perfectionist.

7 Negative Features: Secreted motives and suspicions, aloof, silent or sarcastic at time of arguments, lonely, inflexible positions, easily goes upset by distractions.

8 Positive Features: Expressed decision-making abilities, political talent, skilled handling of authority and power, working for foundation, achieving recognition, exercising judgment, decisive and authoritative.

8. Negative Features: Excessively ambitious, workaholic, absence of humanitarian instincts, poor money management, a dictator for subordinates, impatient interlocutor, stressed, solely materialistic.

9 Positive Features: Sincerely friendly, charming, a hail-fellow, developed humanitarian instincts, likes to give rather than to take, altruism, imaginative expression, readily gets involved in good works, writing and artistic talents.

9 Negative Features: Scattered interests, self-adulation, easily gets possessed, irritability, careless about investments, striving for peers' attention.


The Numerology Master Numbers

11 – Refer to number 2. Spirituality is amplified, but keep in mind that amplification applies to both features, positive and negative.

22 – Refer to number 4. Additionally benefits from positive features, therefore making exceptional projects possible, however negative features undergo amplification as well.


Each Number Has Its Symbolic Meaning

Making a numerological research on an individual starts with investigation of qualities that belong to his or her core number. Generally, fully featured analysis is a rather complicated research that examines modifiers as well. However, if you get yourself familiarized with the symbolism belonging to basic digits, you'll make up a foundation for successful interpreting of numerological readings.


Number 1: Freedom, Uniqueness, Talent; Administrating, Leadership, Revolutionary.

Number 1 implies considerable leadership abilities. If these abilities are developed properly, the owner of this number may occupy an important position in the spheres of politics or business. This number throws a challenge to learn how to live with benefits of independence. On the other hand, a “1” person first needs to learn and prove that he or she can live independently without taking help from other people. Having proved that, “1” person can proceed with skills of managing, leading and arrangement. It takes the most part of their lives for some representatives of such persons to become truly independent. While others come in action fast enough and dedicate their existence to key leadership occupations.


Number 2: Collaboration, Closeness, Kindliness; Equilibrium and Harmony, Assistance.

Persons having number “2” have a remarkable understanding of own feelings and emotions of others due to their inherent sensitivity. For example, “2” people can thoroughly comprehend expressions, gestures or unspoken ideas of others. The main challenge behind number “2” is finding peace with your sensitivity so it primarily benefits you, as opposed to constantly being touched by feelings of someone else. Advice that can be given to a “2” person is to develop a strong character in order to avoid being vulnerable and exploited by others. Nevertheless, sensitivity is undoubtedly main propelling force for a “2”, regardless of the fact it may be mistakenly perceived as a downside, especially at person's earlier age.


Number 3: Self-Expression, Entertainment; Eagerness, Optimism, Imagination, Friendliness.

Persons having number “3” possess the ability of sensing enormous joy in the nice things life has to offer. They do not necessarily demonstrate it, as sometimes even a great delight causes no more than a quiet pleasure. The main challenge behind number “3” is taking the right path to convey the sensed joy in life. “3” people are philanthropists and can’t imagine their life without socializing. They usually have a lot of friends, but also appreciate a small group of intimates, who can be trusted. In addition, 3's possess decent creativity skills.


Number 4: Order and Coordination, Assistance, Hard Work, Respect the Limitations; Practical, Pragmatic.

Owners of number “4” are first of all patient and hard workers. They willingly do difficult and time-hungry jobs requiring special care to detail. Number “4” primarily challenges its owner with getting to know the ways of using order and patience for good. Such person is advised to look towards a career path that involves use of his or her systematic attitude. A “4” person will succeed at accomplishing routine tasks for sure. Since limitations are respected by “4” people, they tend to obey restrictions both their own and those coming from the outside. However, 4's are not advised to fight against limitations set up in their lives, instead they should learn how to find peace with those restrictions, and understand that meaningful live isn’t possible without limitations.


Number 5: Productive Usage of Freedom; Creative, Variety, Broad Sphere of Interest, Innovative.

Versatility is an exceptional feature of “5” people. They are capable of accomplishing virtually any task they ever try by means of remarkable skill. Such ability ensures they are free to choose any occupation and succeed with it – that's what other people imagine in their dreams. The obvious challenge behind number “5” is getting to know productive use of one's freedom. “5” people can be advised to concentrate their energy on just a few most interesting occupations, or else their innate talents and abilities will scatter and eventually fade out.


Number 6: Equilibrium, Liability, Love; Compassionate, Comforting, Aiding, Guiding.

“6” people are given an inborn talent to relieve, aid and serve other people in need. That's the occupation “6” people take seriously by putting great amount of efforts. The main challenge behind this number is getting to know how to get satisfaction coming from the liability one admits. The problem is that people around often sense compassionating attitude of “6” persons and beg for help immediately. And so 6’s can be advised to evaluating necessity of their help in each case, since they are not obliged to care about everybody.


Number 7: Analytic Skills, Thoughtful, Meditative; Truth-Seeking, Spiritual Understanding.

Persons having number “7” are given a decent logical mind and can achieve outstanding results in field of education. A “7” person is likely to discover his or her potential to comprehend essential truths and come up with ultimate conclusions. Such person willingly goes for philosophical or scientific studies. The main challenge behind number “7” is to maintain balance between the peace of rationality and emotionality. “7” persons can be advised to know themselves and not to conceal their sincere feelings.


Number 8: Materialistic Approval, Achievement; Striving for Success, Power, Acknowledgment.

People with this number are skilled and successful businessmen. Once they realize their innate administrative and management talents, such people tend to start a venture on their own or, alternatively, occupy a significant post in existing enterprise. The main challenge behind “8” is mastering and perfecting one's innate skills in order to experience fulfillment that comes from materialistic realm. However, “8” people should understand that prosperity is not an achievement itself; it's rather just an attribute. The real objective is to use material independence for the sake of happiness and fulfillment.


Number 9: Altruism, Humanitarianism; Likes to Give Rather Than to Take, Sympathetic.

People with number “9” are affectionate to the humanity on a large scale. Generally, they are concerned about making everyone's life better, but they also enjoy their acquaintances as individuals. It is not a surprise if a “9” person directs the most of his or her efforts towards humanitarian and philanthropic missions. In terms of challenge, number “9” encourages its owner to be as selfless as one possibly can, without expectation of any feedback or reward. Obviously, this challenge is not easy to beat. It may require a “9” person to reassess and harmonize their desires and motivations in accordance with his or her innate longing to aid people around.


Master Number 11: Enlightenment, Nervous Strain; Spiritual Channel and Educator.

Exceptional ability of those having number “11” is instinctive perception of the non-material realm including psychics, religion and metaphysics. They have remarkable spiritual cognizance, and may serve as conductors of their awareness to others. The main challenge behind number “11” is that one needs to strive for advancement in his or her talent of spiritual cognition and get used to conduct unique perception of concealed notions to other people.


Master Number 22: Latent Supremacy, Nervous Strain, Master Builder; Spiritual Comprehension of Materialistic Realm, Idealistic.

People having number “22” have similar abilities to those having “11”, but the main difference is that 22's are also given a rare talent of applying instinctive perception of the non-material realm to merely practical, grounded activities. Such people are good at managing large-scaled enterprises, especially with humanitarian missions. Having the number of “22” is a challenge itself, since bridging materialistic and non-materialistic worlds is never an easy task to accomplish.