Good feng shui in small offices

The good feng shui can be applied to any space, including the most challenging environments of home and offices. You can improve the work environments of even small offices with no windows by applying three feng shui tips.

So, behome-officefore indulging in any other feg shui cures such as rock crystals or fountain rock to your office, follow the three feng shui rules as the basic step to improve your office or home.

Good Quality Air and Good Quality Lighting: the best-quality  air and lights are the very basics of feng shui and there can be no such thing without them in your small office. For proper lighting, you should create at least three levels of lighting and always free full-spectrum  lighting. This will certainly improve your working environment with no scope with natural lighting. You should also make sure to choose the vibrant feng shui colors as decor cures or the wall color to brighten your space.

To improve the air of your office, you can use various feng shui plants to not only decorate but purify the air as well. While choosing your plants, make sure that the plants can tolerate the level of lighting available in your office.  The aromatherapy diffuser can also provide you the choice of using various essential oils to create vibrant energy and clear the air of your office.

2. Bring Good Feng Shui Art to Enliven the Office: as a popular belief and practices, small size feng shui arts and cures are used by the people in the small space. However, you will immediately feel the difference and the Feng Shui feel of your work environment if you're suitably place one or two big sized pieces of art. For better feng shui effects, you need not invest in very costly artworks; instead, it can be vibrant, bold and energetic artworks of your child, your own photos and any poster you can purchase online.

According to your choice for energy, you can also portray big wall murals of the city or nature scenery. The offices with challenging feng shui can greatly benefit from high quality contemporary wall murals with beautiful images.

3. Place Your Desk in A Feng Shui Commanding Position and Have Good Backing: your well-being in the office can be improved by shifting your office desk in rather more commanding position with proper backing.

After spending long hours at the offices with no window, it is very important for you to replenish your energy by spending some time in nature, water, fire or with the company of your friends.

The feng shui cures in the closed offices, no matter how much energy they generate, can’t replace the vast energy available through the natural sources, and you should allow your body to take advantage of the feng shui healing elements such as water, fire, woods and the warmth of friends.