Advice for the beginners

1. No need to change everything at once. To get started, you need to decide which area of your life you would like to change at the present moment. For example, career, wealth, or vice versa, family, children. It is necessary to set priorities and get to that area of life that really requires a change. Do not put all eggs in one basket, everything should be done gradually. If you want it very much, you can combine similar sectors of Feng Shui, such as: wealth, fame and career or love, family and children.

2. Thefeng-shui-advice-for-the-beginnersre is no need to fix something, that is not broken. It sometimes happens that a person, inspired by the wonderful prospective for the future, begins to make changes where it is not necessary, ie everything was already fine there, he just wanted some so-called "improvement". The result can be counterproductive, because the harmony was disturbed. Therefore, to avoid such confusion, do not fundamentally change anything, if you are actually quite satisfied on this or that matter. And if you would like to refresh your relationship, for example, in the area of love, the best recommendation would be - to disassemble the accumulated debris out there, just to clean up, throw out or give away all unnecessary things and that's all. So you will free some energy to stimulate the sector without any extreme interventions.

3. Trust your intuition. We were already discussing this before. Do not rush things, listen to yourself and your body, understand if you are comfortable or not. Because Feng Shui is not only the location of rooms, mirrors and other paraphernalia. Above all, every inhabitant of the house should feel cozy and comfortable there. If you for some reason are not able to make some changes (for example, in the area of the glory you have a toilet or a bathroom), there is no need for a huge sacrificing, no need to demolish the walls and act categorically. You just need a different approach - maybe simply reduce the negative energy. Let it not be exactly as it is written, a bit wrong, but it would be convenient and comfortable, and this is most important, because the "perfect Feng Shui" actually does not exist. Make what you believe is necessary, with some adjustments and that's it.

4. Remember that Feng Shui is really working and it is working for you. However, because all people are different, it is working for everyone according to his own way. It brings everyone something different, unique. Everyone has his own path. But most importantly, Feng Shui gives people the self confidence and a certain extend of confidence in their abilities. It makes us to understand, that we can create our own destiny, instead of just going with the flow of life. Just do not expect the instant results, although they are sometimes happening. But do not put it too deep in your mind. You can just clean your shelves and wardrobe for example, and then just forget about it, just let the situation go, and the wonderful result will not be long in coming.

5. Never use Feng Shui with an evil intentions. Remember, our life is a boomerang, what you get is what you give, but many times multiplied. Therefore, we urge you not to use Feng Shui with the evil intentions or just to annoy someone. Believe it or not, everything comes back with a vengeance!

6. Tune in to the good, positive, bright! You know that without a positive attitude towards life everything is working much slower and not so effective. You have to make everything easy and with the good mood, then you certainly will succeed, we can guarantee that! Believe in your good luck, be patient and never get discouraged, we advise you, on the contrary, contribute to your life as much as you can - happiness, joy and good intentions and then you will get what you deserve by the birthright - happiness and success!