Proper activation of the elements. Objects and characters

To achieve the optimum balance, in your home there should be presented all of the five elements of the universe. Of course, the element to which you belong, should prevail.

Next most important is the element which precedes yours in the cycle of generation. How can this be achieved? It's very simple, you need to understand and use the symbolism of the elements, their colors and shapes.

Thus, the element of Fire is symbolized by the red color and the triangular shape. Red candle in the shape of a pyramid or a triangle would fit perfectly. If you are not afraid to use your imagination, you can find a huge number of solutions, such as the red triangular pillows and paintings of candles, but you have to be careful in choosing a picture - there must not be any unruly elements or a huge fire - that would be too much. Do not forget that the Feng Shui is speaking a language of symbols, even if you by yourself will draw two candles on a red cardboard or cut a red triangles out of it, it will be quite suitable for the proper activation of this element. It is not necessary to buy everything, you can use your imagination and "create" your own destiny.

For the Metal will be quite suitable any white, silver, shiny metallic objects of a circular or semicircular shape.

Water element is expressed in blue and black, smooth, free flowing forms that are most likely to be represented in the form of double waves.

Strengthening the Earth element is fairly simple. You can do it with the help of brown, yellow, terra-cotta-colored square-shaped objects. A simple clay pot of a brown color activates optimally, as well, and the various stones.

To activate the element of Wood, choose green rectangular objects.

In addition, the very expression of the visual element also has an unimportant role.

For the Fire - an open fire, usually candles or a fireplace, as well as the incense sticks.
For the Metal will be suitable any metal items, of course. Items of white and metallic colors, as well as the magic crystals.
For the Water - aquariums, fountains, and various vessels, or just a glass of water.
For the Wood - any live or artificial plants in a pots of a green or any suitable color.
For the Earth - basically, anything, that your imagination may offer, whether it is an hourglass, just a handful of earth or miniature Japanese gardens.

Be creative, have fun, when you put your whole soul in what you are doing, the magic of Feng Shui will not make you wait for a long time. It's a creative process, and in fact it may take all your life, because you have to constantly update the sectors of the Ba Gua, move objects and furniture for the "Qi" energy not to stuck and flow evenly.

If you are the person of Fire, then do not color your room in red, the same applies to the other elements. You may seriously overreact here, and it will not benefit you, but only harm. It is better to arrange the room in the neutral colors, but the element must be strengthen with it's own colors and shapes, which were already described above.

In addition, there are different situations in life that can be represented by a specific element. For example, you feel depressed and depression is brewing, it means that you must reduce the element of Water in your house to normalize the vitality. At the same time, if you are too emotionally excited and aggressive, the element of Water will help you to reduce this hyperactivity, do not forget that everything has to be in a balance and harmony. Hyperactivity is usually expressed by the overabundance of the Fire element in your house and it is necessary to dilute it with the Water to reach the equilibrium.

If you have an unreasonable fear of the social and personal changes, it only means that there is a surplus of the Earth element. You are trying to reach some transcendental goals, moving away from reality. In the literal sense, the earth is slipping from under your feet and you are flying in the clouds.

On the other hand, the Earth will help you if you are bombarded by a lot of problems at once, and you have no remains of spiritual forces to cope with them.

If you find yourself  being an egoist, although before you had not suffered from this, and have even been an altruist, then you overreacted with the element of Wood, the excess of which leads to even tyranny. And accordingly the contrary, if you are a complete altruist and all the time live for the others (although usually no one complains from that), you need to enhance the element of Wood.

If you became overly suspicious, then you have to be more careful with the element of Metal. Particularly bad effect this element has on the introverts - people who are far too secretive and reluctant to express their thoughts, they will go further into themselves. Also, an excess of this element is bad for those who suffer from the hypo-and hypertension, individuals with the frequent headaches. Metal is intensifying nervousness and irritability.