Rules of Feng Shui - For the people of the Tree

Fire - is a magical and creative element to the tree, so if possible, hang a chandelier in the bedroom, put a candle or get a bright colorful lamp for the kitchen.

Another excellent symbol of "fire" for the kitchen will be a garland of dried red peppers - you can put it on the wall beside the door. It will inspire you and give some certain fire to your passions.

If you do not have a fireplace, hang some paintings or photographs, where there is the presence of the element of fire. This can be anything - from the battle scenes to the autumn bonfires and pictures of distant galaxies. In the bedroom, try to hang a mirror beside the window so as to catch the rays of the early morning or evening sun.

The tree also needs the properties of water for calming and relaxation. This may be an aquarium with fish or simply the elegant finishing of your bath and shower. It would be perfect, if you happen to have a garden with small pond. If you live in a city apartment, hang on the wall a picture of a secluded pond, or some photos of dragonflies and frogs. Terracotta pots on the kitchen floor or beside the front door, lined with the decorative stones - simple ways to activate the stabilizing energy of the earth in your house.

Try to avoid the pronounced presence of metal in your bedroom, since this element is opposite to the tree and can lead you to believe that friendship or the intimate relationship have no value. However, you can easily wear metal in the form of jewelry in order to emphasize your status in society.

The deep green and dark blue color of the water will help you to keep in touch with your emotions. Choose one or two shades of earth, such as ocher, coffee or tea tone for the stabilization and more sensual expression of your love life.