Rules of Feng Shui - For the people of Water

Although wood and metal are perfectly combined with the water, you need to start with the earth element to stabilize your energy. To revive the romantic feelings, put in a prominent place in your room a malachite box or a splice of crystal.

Fossil shell, or even just a few colored pebbles in a glass bowl or a stone pot, will also be a favorable background.

The tree element is useful for water, as it can soften it's tendency to depression and conflicting emotions. To achieve a peace of mind would be the best to have a small statuette of a bird - the freedom that it symbolizes, is important. It is also good to include in the interior some carved furniture and ornaments of a carved wood.

Background music reduces anxiety and calms your over-sensitivity, so it would be perfect, if you can get yourself a set of hollow Chinese pendants in the traditional Chinese style. Now it is quite possible to find a lot of pendants, so you can choose one that will be most pleasing to your ears, not just the most fashionable.

If there are no musical instruments in your house and you can not play them, try to listen more often to a CD or cassette with the melodies of nature. Music is fluid and changeable, it improves the quality of your relationship, because it reflects your "water" nature, and does not destroy it.

If possible, use in the interior some metal elements - it helps to clearly define your attitude for love or to your loved one. If you prefer silver, try not to expose it too much: silver makes an emotional nature of the water element even more sensitive. Of course, not many of us can afford a real golden jewelry or golden chains, but it is quite enough to include in the interior just a hint of gold in the form of it's shades: brass and copper pots and door handles in the kitchen. Water needs metal for the clarity of thoughts and freedom of expression.

Include in your color palette rich purple or turquoise shades. For dramatic contrast, especially in the bedroom, you can add a spark of fire that will add some dynamism to your sex life.