Rules of Feng Shui - For the people of Earth

You usually have a well developed sense of the environment, even if you do not feel the craving for beauty and not inclined to surround yourself with the exquisite things.

The earth element is responding very well to the elements of fire and metal, but with an excess of water you may lose footing and begin to experience uncertainty in your abilities, and the excess wood makes you too static. Abundance of plants and natural objects in the interior can lead your feelings to a complete mess.

Because you need to express your close relationship with the natural world, this is better to make it outdoors: looking after plants and animals, gardening, growing vegetables. If you do not like this kind of things, try to walk in the woods or in the park as often, as it is possible.

To create a romantic atmosphere in your room, use the elements of fire and metal. We have already talked about the adverse impact of the tree, so if this part of your home is replete with wooden furniture or plants, try to move them as far as possible to another location.

Emphasize the metal element with white candles, gilt framed mirrors and soft lighting on the walls. Today, there is a wide selection of lamps - how about a lamp of frosted glass, curved in the form of a swan neck, or fixtures in the Art-Deco style, made of onyx and bakelite? Try it and maybe you will like the result.

In the kitchen, try to use pans made of cast iron and stainless steel. If you have enough money, order a cutting table with the working surface made of stainless steel.

Your aesthetic sense, perhaps, is well developed in order to experiment with different combinations of colors. Choose the wallpaper that establishes the basic theme - different elements, "covered by the mutual passion." Try to tone wood paneling with the adhesive varnish and semi-permanent color, but choose translucent or matte coating instead of gloss. Bright colors such as purple, "Indian Summer", and orange will add a lot to your senses.

Use one of the colors of water for the sexual expression and physical motivation - dark and mysterious purple, emerald green or even black. In the bedroom, you can choose covers and covers for the cushions made of faded Camci or styled like the old French tapestry.