Rules of Feng Shui - For the people of Fire

Fire goes well with the tree and treats it favorably in it's environment. Wood nourishes the fire and gives a feeling of comfort and reliability, and sometimes even makes it to break out of passion.

But we should not be too zealous. If you are filling your room with the wooden furniture and plants, putting a green carpet on the floor and choosing the wallpaper with the green pattern, then you are shifting the balance strongly in favor of the tree. It begins to dominate, and the excess energy creates Sha Qi, which does not strengthen but weakens you.

You respond well to the fiery red and bright colors, but your room needs elements, combined with the hints of wood and earth to harmonize the energies of your fiery personality. Your love can be very hot and passionate, better surround yourself with the natural colors, so it will not become overwhelming. Choose a color that is associated with the tree: pastel green and yellow-green tones of sage, rosemary, thyme and mint, strong green color of a pine tree or the subtle shades of the young grass. Earth tones are yellowish brown, reminiscent of a ripe wheat field images, ocher red earth tones or changeable palette of the late autumn. They can be dark, like a brown coal, or streaked with fire, like terracotta. But avoid poisonous yellow shades: in such circumstances, you will feel discouraged and depressed.

It is very good, if the window of your room is overlooking the garden, or you can see the individual trees. If not, you may hang next to you the photo or the painting with a pleasant landscape.

The wooden sculpture or a beautiful pieces of an old nodular tree, that you found once on the beach, can make a pleasant variety in the atmosphere of your room. If you do not like the wood itself, then a powerful sculptural plants such as ficus or aloe, can be a compromising decision. Elements of a tree can help to awaken the passion in your fading love life.

Books are a good source of energy for you. Although picking up a home library can not be called "the flammable occupation" (and if you already have it, it is unlikely that you keep it in order.) A few shelves of books, especially some old editions will give your room a sense of stability and comfort.

In the bathroom a combination of elements of wood and earth is manifested in another way: here it would be shells, pebbles and useful items made from the natural materials, such as pumice and sponge. In the kitchen, it will be the old glass jars and glass boxes, filled with exotic spices like cinnamon sticks and nutmeg. Everything that comes from the earth can find it's place on the kitchen shelf. Frizzy and creeping plants are looking good, but do not overreact - some of those plants may have a depressing effect on the people of fire. Cactus and any plants with the bright colors of the leaves are not suitable for the fire at all: too much of aggression and competitive spirit.

And finally, you can bring to the interior of your room a little bit of metal to add luster and sharpness in your intimate relationship. Gold is better suited to the people of fire, than silver. Put on the shelf the gilt-edged book, a star or a stick of golden foil on the opposite side of the door. Gold-plated statuette or picture frames are perfectly suited for connoisseurs. Or you can just put a golden chain on the bedside table and a gilded trinkets hanging on the bedpost - they will liven up your imagination in the moments of intimacy.