Plants for the people of five elements of the universe

Plants for the people of Fire

In plants of Fire you will find the sharp smell, spicy flavor, the average size, they are reddish and of a branched form.

If you want to enhance Fire in your home, you should choose this kind of plants.

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Plants for the people of Wood

To enhance the element of Wood, all Feng Shui masters recommend to use eucalyptus. You're wrong if you think that the eucalyptus is growing only in the greenhouses and in exotic countries. It is quite possible to keep eucalyptus at home as well.

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Plants for the people of Water

Very often people of Water are somewhat slow and absent-minded. They are getting tired easily. In this case, the huge help will come from the cyclamen. It is invigorating, improving the mood, accelerating metabolic processes in the body, helping to harmonize the internal state of a person.

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Plants for people on Earth

People of Earth, if their energy is exhausted and needs the new powers, will get help from the beautiful primroses. Primrose has a fantastic feature to fuel our power. In addition, it also harmonizes the biofields of inhabitants of the house.

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