Plants for people on Earth

People of Earth, if their energy is exhausted and needs the new powers, will get help from the beautiful primroses. Primrose has a fantastic feature to fuel our power.

In addition, it alearthso harmonizes the biofields of inhabitants of the house. The apartment where there is a primrose, is deprived of quarrels and aggression, there will be no scandals for no reason, people will not shout at each other.

Primrose restores the most important quality of the people of Earth - stability and confidence in their abilities. In addition, it protects the family ties from ill-wishers and secures peace in the family.

So what the primrose does - is a priceless gift for the people of Earth. It does not give a fiery force, but returns the self-esteem and gives a certain extend of confidence in future.

If a person or a certain place have too much of the Earth energy, it is also very bad. Often, self-confident people of Earth are targeted only to the comfort and success in life, so they become too mundane and in this case they are not interested in spiritual values and communication anymore. All their strength is spent only on a production of more money, eating, and material possessions. The complex of the Earth is extremely developed in many businessmen and also those women who are engaged only in the housekeeping. That much of an Earth energy can destroy a person.

To weaken the influence of the Earth element, Feng Shui masters advice using pansies. Pansies - a plant that brings to a certain order people's thoughts and the house itself. It exudes a soft energy and takes over the inert strength of the Earth, processes it and returns the clean and light energy back.

Pansies are very beneficial for children aged 6 to 16 years. Children of the Earth are becoming more mobile, smiling, they start to have a taste for art. For adults pansies are also beneficial, this plants are opening to people the secrets of creation. That's why many writers loved and appreciated this simple and beautiful flower so much.