Plants for the people of Water

Very often people of Water are somewhat slow and absent-minded. They are getting tired easily. In this case, the huge help will come from the cyclamen.

It is invigorwaterating, improving the mood, accelerating metabolic processes in the body, helping to harmonize the internal state of a person. And the main thing is that the cyclamen generously gives it's powers for the good of people.

Cyclamen is a close relative of the primrose. In the house where the cyclamen flowers, there is always a good atmosphere, no quarrels and conflicts. Children in this house are always docile and friendly, and adults are always busy with something. Cyclamen is helping people to tune in to a business footing, this plant really awakens activity.

People of Water often have a propensity to idleness, so cyclamen helps them to establish the regime of the day. In addition, it gives strength to resist depression, nervous breakdowns, decline of vitality.

But we must remember that the cyclamen is not the most simple plant to keep, it has it's own rules. It is believed that these flowers like the day light, but not every cyclamen will grow happily in the sun. It chooses a seat in the house. So if you see that your green friend withers or became pale, move it to another location. In a good place cyclamen is bright and fresh, and has a strong and flexible stems.

If your home suffers from a surplus of a Water element, it is not a benefit, but a problem. To cope with too much Water you should turn to a domestic plant - papyrus. Papyrus has a rather rigid energy, which suppresses the excess of a Water element in the house. Under the influence of this plant Water calms down, it becomes peaceful and creative. Papyrus has a good calming impact on the psyche of Water people - stormy and sometimes unstable. This plant in bringing their feelings and thoughts into a balance.

Papyrus can grow in both: soil and water. The only condition - a high, almost tropical temperatures. This plant requires a very special care, but you're not wasting your time on it, papyrus will reward you handsomely.