Plants for the people of Wood

To enhance the element of Wood, all Feng Shui masters recommend to use eucalyptus. You're wrong if you think that the eucalyptus is growing only in the greenhouses and in exotic countries.

It is quite possible to keep eucalyptus at home as well. To hawoodve an eucalyptus tree at home, you can simply buy at the pharmacy the eucalyptus leaves, there are often caught eucalyptus seed also. They are suitable for germination, because they remain viable for several years.

Put these pharmacy seeds in the ground with a mixture of sand, pour them, and then place the pot in a warm place. After 5-10 days, you will have first young green shoots. They should not be watered too often, they will die from it. But they need fresh air. When the shoots grow up to 3 cm, transplant them into a 15 cm deep pot, pour them and do not touch for three days. Then they must be watered in the morning for the soil to dry out by the evening. When your plants have grown up, approximately after 20 days, they can be exposed to the sun. By the end of autumn, your eucalyptus may grow as much as 50 cm in height!

Eucalyptus always not only provides the fresh fragrant air, but also it is protecting people of Wood from diseases, giving them strength and power.

For the people of Wood it is very useful to be able to relax and keep their bodies flexible. In this case, rose will help. Rose is perfectly removing the hard energy of Wood, stabilizing mental and physical condition of those, who belong to this element.

Rose is one of the most favorite house plants, because this plant has very beautiful and large flowers. But Rose is not only a source of joy, this plant is giving people of Wood enough strength to stay young for a long time. There are a lot of species and varieties of roses. The most frequently met is of course the tea rose (pink, scarlet, red) and also the bourbon and the remontant rose. Usually, the preference is given to the tea rose, because it is easier to keep it at home.

Rose is very useful for people suffering from hypertension, insomnia and nervous irritability. It soothes, softens and relaxes the nervous system when it is stressed.