Plants for the people of Fire

Plants of Fire has long been firmly established in medical practice, they contribute to the processes of warming the body, dilating the blood vessels.

In plants of Fire youfire will find the sharp smell, spicy flavor, the average size, they are reddish and of a branched form. If you want to enhance Fire in your home, you should choose this kind of plants.

You will find many herbs of Fire among the wild plants, but also you can find a quite domestic species. These plants include our usual geraniums. Geranium has a powerful correct energy. Just sit beside it for 10-15 minutes, you will feel that you gained strength, rested. Only note - geranium must live away from people. It has a pungent odor and releases essential oils, which may cause headache. Therefore, it is better to put it in a place where you will not sleep or rest, you can put geranium in the kitchen, because it is unpretentious and strong energetically.

The same good fueling is amarilis and other plants of it's family. If you suddenly feel a lack of energy, then sit beside it, slowly stroking it's long, smooth leaves. Soon you will feel the return of the lost strength.

For this purpose there also can be used the other plants: primrose, hydrangea, violet. All these plants have the ability to produce energy. And they are very useful for people with the low Fire potential.

Incidentally, it may happen that you will notice on your own experience that the plant recommended for other elements, suits you as well - then you can safely use it. The fact is that the strength of your element always varies and depends on many external factors. That is why one day you will want to communicate with violets, and the other - with geraniums.

If the Fire is in excess, then you face irritability, restlessness, constant scandals. This case can be fixed by using the potted plants that cause an outflow of Fire and have a relaxing effect on the nervous system. As a rule, it would be plants with the creeping stems, fleshy leaves and without a large flowers.

These plants include aloe, jade tree, fern, succulent aloe. It is very useful to have aloe at home, because it is not just a flower, but a real home first aid kit. It is difficult to find a disease where the aloe would not help.

Among other things, aloe has a nice feature to remove the excess energy  and balance a state of mind. It stabilizes the Fire and all it's manifestations. Just sit next to the flower and you will return to a sense of blissful peace.