Feng Shui and Accessories of Your Home

Most women love to decorate their homes with various accessories - vases, figurines of animals, statues, paintings - in short, everything that makes our houses more comfortable and beautiful.

But should it be only about beauty? Feng Shui experts claim that accessories can bring you a great success in life if you place them in your house properly, according to the rules of Feng Shui.

Take, for exaFeng-shui-chic-arrangementsmple, pottery: vases, statuettes, decorative plates, etc. Ceramics, regardless of it's kind, in the East is associated with the powers of the Earth. Respectively, according to Feng Shui, a large amount of ceramics in the house reinforces it, makes it more reliable.

Feng Shui experts are recommending to use in the interior a variety of animalistic figures, with different symbolic meanings. For example, the Four Spirits will help to protect your home from all kinds of trouble - the Green Dragon, the Black Turtle, the White Tiger and the Red Phoenix. You can decorate the corners of your room with their images. Statue of a Black Turtle, you can put on a window sill, so that it "drove" from your home the negative energy, that is emanating from outside. Put the Black Turtle so that she "looked" directly at the "threat" (cemetery, hospital, etc.).

Prosperity in the house will be provided by the three-toed Frog or a Dragon, holding pearl in his mouth - they symbolize wealth. The wise Owl will allow all dwellers of the house to maintain the ability to think clearly, it is recommended to place the Owl beside the "money" tree, which is also a symbol of wealth. Figurine of a Stork will help you to permanently preserve your beauty and health, and it will also contribute to the emergence of the heirs, if you will put it into the "child's" zone. Statuette of an Elephant will be "working" just fine on the window sill: a favorable location of the heavenly bodies will let the Elephant to catch the good luck with his long trunk. Flying Eagle is helping the owners of the house to be successful in various initiatives - if his image is in the area of fame and reputation. To reach understanding with the partner of the opposite sex, you can place in the room a statue depicting two Fishes. And a figurine of one Fish will make you more successful and help you to succeed in your spiritual quests.

Feng Shui crystals

One of the esselaundry-room-ideasntial attributes of Feng Shui are crystals, that are recommended to be placed in the area of knowledge. They protect against negative influences and maintain a favorable energy. Try to place the crystals so that the rays of light were falling on the verges of the crystals and creating a very special glittering light. Another option of activating the crystals - hang them on the red bands. The length of those bands has to be strictly measured - it should make 9, 18 or 27 centimeters. Remember to wash your crystals in the salty water from time to time, otherwise this symbolic object will simply lose it's powers. As an option, experts in Feng Shui, are offering to put the globe in the knowledge zone (preferably globe should be made of crystal), which is associated with the element of Earth.

"Wind Chimes"

Another - also necessary element of design for the living rooms - the hanging bells (or "Wind Chimes"), which are moved by the wind and thus are stimulating the movement of the "Qi" energy flows. For this purpose you can buy ready "Wind Chimes" from any Chinese shop or make your own hanging bells by yourself. Any material will do here - it's important, that the hanging bells will be made with love and good attitude. It is also very useful to decorate your "Wind Chimes" with flowers or small figurines of Fish. The energy of your home can also be activated by the images of mountains and waterfalls, placed on the walls of the room.