Techniques and methods of Feng Shui

A set of techniques and methods of Feng Shui is enormous and inexhaustible. But essentially it comes down to one thing - the harmonization of a living space, which provides a positive changes in your life.

Good Feng Shui alwQi-energy-logoays begins with a general cleaning of the house,  clearing of the living space and terminating debris that serve as a bottlenecks for the beneficial "Qi" energy. It is very important to part with all unnecessary things. This is the first stage of preparation for the improvement of your house by Feng Shui.

Once you have cleared the house from the debris and negative energy, turn around and make sure that your home is not threatened with the "poisoned" arrows of the "Sha" energy. If you find such objects, then you must immediately take all necessary actions to protect from them.

In your house everything should be in a perfect harmony, which means, that the energies of "Yin" and "Yang" must be balanced evenly and none of the principles should be "extinguishing" the other. After all, this is how you can achieve a happy life, says the ancient rule. And in order to achieve the best balance of "Yin" and "Yang", in the midst of your apartment or house there must be present - in varying degrees - all five elements of the universe. The element that corresponds to you personally should prevail. And for this you must - first of all - define your element. Placing pieces of furniture and choosing the finishing materials, you must consider the cycles of birth and destruction, as well as the purpose of the given space.

Feng Shui "Ba-gua"

One of the most imporbagua-maptant methods of Feng Shui is an introduction to the "Ba-gua" map. It is important to overlay it correctly on the plan of the apartment or house. Because according to the Feng Shui, everything that happens in our life can be divided into nine areas or sections. Thus, you can determine which part of your life would you like to improve and then activate the related part of the house by strengthening the sector. If your desired sector is not inside the apartment, the teaching of Feng Shui can offer you several methods of correction.

If you want to be happy, healthy, wealthy and successful, you need to know your most successful directions and use them properly all the time. To do this you first need to know your personal "Gua" number. If you will always use your best directions, and - if possible - avoid the negative ones, then success is virtually guaranteed everywhere and in everything! So go ahead and use that knowledge for your own good!

Feng Shui offers a huge selection of mascots and symbols in order to strengthen the positive energy of your house and help you to find what you want. Do not forget these precious helpers. The most important thing is that you do know why and where exactly to place a particular charm. And how to clear it correctly from the energy of other people, so that it worked only for you. There is a huge amount of money talismans. Also a various deities, hieroglyphs, and rituals will certainly help you to attract wealth. Feng Shui is offering us a huge amount of solutions. Choose exactly what you like most. Besides, it is necessary to purify the space and protect your clean house. After all the work is done, you should protect your clean house from the enemies and the envious. At this point Feng Shui is again offering several tools and techniques. After all this you should fill your home with the bright, positive energy to ensure the prosperity of it's inhabitants.

According to the Feng Shui experts, all this actions should be done, when you are relaxed, happy and have a 100% confidence in the result, then you'll get everything you wished for amazingly fast. We must say that this occupation is not for lazy people, real Feng Shui master is always developing himself. But do not worry, when you will see the first results of what Feng Shui can really do, you'll want to do it all the time and create your own destiny by yourself. And the result will be even better if you will completely change your way of thinking and if you will put into practice affirmations, positive attitude, mantras and meditations. That's when the results will be absolutely fabulous!