The "Qi" energy

Oh, that mysterious and creative "Qi" energy! The concept of "Qi" is very important not only for the Feng Shui, but also for many other Chinese systems.

In Feng Shui the "Qi" energy is a source of harmony and a means of achieving it. Already in the XIIth century Chinese philosopher Zhu Xi described in details the role of "Qi" energy in the emergence of the world  and of the man himself.

According to the CQi-energy-logohinese philosophy, this energy breathes life into all things. For Chinese philosophers, nature - is a living organism, and the "Qi" energy -  is the breath of nature, the breath of life itself, a true source of strength for all living beings and also for the inanimate objects. Before proceeding to the study of Feng Shui, it is necessary for everyone to realize the huge impact of this energy on people.

Correct, smooth, continuous circulation of the "Qi" energy in your home is creating a favorable environment that enables success and prosperity in every area of your life.

The "Qi" energy should flow easily and harmoniously, it should not interfere with anything (eg, sharp corners or too low mezzanines), only under this condition, the dwellers of the house will find health and wellbeing. On the other hand, the lack of "Qi" energy in the house is leading to the presence of persistent problems, quarrels, illnesses and many other troubles. In this case the energy of life gradually fades away and the "Sha Qi" (the malicious energy) is taking it's place.

It is clear now why the Feng Shui masters are paying so much attention and make so many efforts to attract and retain this beneficial energy. Indeed, there are no unimportant details in the science of Feng Shui, because here we work with energy. Trash, clutter, blockages - all this things are a serious jams and obstacles to our happy and prosperous life. Because in terms of energy, the obstruction is a cluster of the negative energy, which prevents the normal circulation of "Qi".

Obstruction comes from all those things, that are not used for years, that are stored "just in case", "when I lose weight", "when the kids will grow up", etc. If you did not put a certain piece of clothes on over the past year, believe me - it is not likely, that you will ever wear it, so it should not be stored, it is better to get rid of this item properly.

Realizing the impact of a beneficial "Qi" energy in each zone of the "Ba-gua" map, you'll never let the dirty socks to be lying around in the sector of wealth or fame, and the wilted bouquet of flowers to be stored in the sector of love.