Gardening activities according to the Lunar Calendar

Most of us know that moon passes 4 phases during one month, but only few people are aware of influence of these phases on gardening and plants themselves. Below you may find explanations of each phase, its strong sides and the affect it has on your harvest.


1. The cycle starts with a 'New Moon' – during this period the water is pulled up, affected by the lunar gravity, and due to this seeds are swelling and bursting. That is why this phase is considered the good time to plant those crops, which have the seeds outside the fruits (grains, broccoli, cabbage, etc.)


2. Next phase is called 'Second Quarter' – lunar gravitation is now less, but the moonlight is still very bright, which positively affects leafs growth. It is advised to plant tomatoes, peas, peppers, melons (or similar to all mentioned).

3. 'Full Moon' is the third phase in the cycle – gravitational forces are now getting high again, soil is believed to become better moisture, giving to the roots more and more energy. Planting root crops is perfect during the full moon (carrots, potatoes, garlic, onions, etc.)

4. Last phase is simply called 'Fourth Quarter', but some people call it a 'Resting Period' – lunar gravity and moonlight are weak. Planting is not recommended, it is better to harvest or cultivate soil during this period.