Owning a Lunar Calendar has several Advantages

Many of us have different reasons to own a lunar calendar, and we will use it for specific reasons to get an advantage out of particular moon phase.

Those people, who perform different rituals, know that sometimes it is required to do certain actions at specific moon phases to achieve the best effect. Women like to associate their menstrual cycles with the moon phases and conceive their children during specific days (it has to do something with lunar gravity).

But there are also some proven advantages – hunters, knowing when there will be a full moon, will have a digger chance for successful hunting – moonlight will allow them see better at night. Animals also tend to come out during fool moons, very little or none of them hide or sleep during this time.

Other advantage serves mainly stargazers, scholars, and just those who like to look at the night sky – when a new moon appears the moonlight is very weak, stars in the sky shine very bright. New stars may be discovered, and just the view of such gorgeous sky us very fascinating and magical. Lunar calendars are a perfect tool in planning the time to go out and watch the sky, when the stars are most likely to be visible the best. If you plan this - you would like to make sure that the moon is not stealing the focus.