Lunar Calendars for Conception Purposes

Lunar calendar is being used for many sacred or religious purposes, one of them is tracking of the conception cycles.



Menstrual cycle lasts for 28 days on average, which is the same number as days in a lunar cycle – that is why these two cycles can be easily synchronized. If cycles are synchronized it becomes very easy to figure out the best day to conceive a baby, correct day greatly increases a chance to get pregnant. Lunar calendars have proven their effectiveness as a helpful tool in conception planning. This way is known for many decades and has been successful.

How to use lunar calendar for conception purposes? It is very simple – you have to be aware of the current moon phase, and that's it! Most fertile periods of the average menstrual cycle are during the fool moon, because it signifies the middle of the whole cycle. You may believe it or not, many women actually do conceive their children during this period. Lunar calendars simply show the dates, when the full moon will appear. Dates of the fool moon also signify the days, when the lunar gravity forces are higher – this is a pure benefit for a successful conception possibility. But as any method, using the lunar calendar for conception has a disadvantage: some women have irregular cycles and their conception attempts will not be successful in this case. Please remember that conception planned by a lunar calendar is a good option, but it may not work for everyone.