Synchronize your own cycle with the cycle of the moon

In modern world each of us is free to believe in everything he/she wants to. You are free to choose your style, whom to worship, what democratic views to have. And people beliefs change greatly, when such topics as astrology, astronomy, or any other related are being discussed. Opinions also differ when it comes to a lunar calendar – people follow it for different reasons.


Astronomers and scholars think that lunar calendar can predict how living creatures will act and feed. Studies have proven that the moon affects the way how people and animals behave. For example, a type of edible worm was proven to swarm on the beaches of Banks Islands every lunar month, at its last quarter. Scientists also state that reproductive cycle of these worms is synchronized with a moon cycle.

Changes of the moon phases can be easily noticed, because you can visibly recognize the changes. This has historically been a useful tool for women to graph their cycles, because each lunar month had 28 days and there were 13 month in a yearly lunar calendar. The reason why it happens was not found yet, but the moon activity does influence women’s menstrual cycle. And women prefer the lunar calendar over the western one, because it helps to chart cycle more precisely. If you are having troubles in charting your flow, you may want to consider a lunar calendar as an alternative to better identify stages of your cycle.