Chinese Lunar Calendar

Western calendar has been adapted by the Chinese people not so long ago, before that all day-to-day plans and way of life were led in accordance with their own lunar calendar. Citizens of China utilized Chinese lunar calendar for all events from the dates of festivals to harvesting and planting the crops. Even today Chinese people use both western and lunar calendar systems in their everyday life.

Let us explain what exactly a "lunar month" is. It is a time period, during which a moon finishes the full cycle, it usually takes around 29,5 days. According to the lunar system 12 months are divided into 24 solar splits, which signify 4 seasons. It was especially vital and important to Chinese in sphere of agriculture and farming.

Just for your information: Chinese used lunar calendars for baby's gender prediction – did you know it? For many modern Westerners it may seem unreal, but in China people do believe in it with all their heart (and it has been for over 700 years now). So if you want to make a guess about your newborn – using a lunar calendar for this purpose may be a fun activity, which you can look into.

Chinese celebrate the new lunar year with a vivid colors, ancient dances, lots of fireworks. New year signifies the past time of cultural acknowledgements and festive fun, it is one of the most important holidays for Chinese people for several hundred years. For many people new lunar year is a start of a new life and time of peaceful being.