Lunar Calendar - what is it ?

Wherever you are on the Earth, when you look up at the moon, it will seem to be a circular disk. The disk can be seen from our planet at any time, since it is illuminated by the sunlight fully or partially. Just like the Earth, the moon is always half illuminated by the sun, but we get to see less or more of it as it rotates around the earth, everything depends on time and current season. The appearance of the moon changes throughout all lunar orbit, which is also called "lunar month": at first it's totally invisible, then it is illuminated partially, then fully, and then the process go back the same way: through half-illuminated to not illuminated at all. Though this is a continuous process, traditionally eight distinct stages are recognized – the so-called moon phases of the lunar cycle. The phases reflect both the extent of illumination and the geometric look of the sunlit part.  

Lunar calendars are exceptionally useful in vast spheres of life. People living near the water rely on tide tables; farmers need planting calendars and sunrise tables; meteorologists get additional information from moon cycles, and it even helps cooks in their kitchens. Information about moon phases is vital for astrology and also explains people's biorhythms. For centuries the moon has had a great spiritual and emotional allure, and even nowadays there are myths and legends about its beauty and power.

Anyone who is interested in the moon itself or in phases of its cycle will find valuable information here, such as the lunar calendar itself, its moon phase cycle module and related information on moon phases, as well as links to useful websites.

If you like fishing or hunting, the lunar calendar will improve your results. During certain moon phases fishing will be more successful than during others, and animals behavior is also heavily influenced by the moon. We'd be very interested to hear your experience of using the moon phase chart.

During certain moon phases fish tends to feed to the bait more aggressively – obviously, these are the best days for fishing. However, when you plan your fishing trip, you can't rely purely on lunar calendar cycle charts, you must also be aware of the habits of each species. For example, salmon, albacore and trout is usually slower during the full moon. This fish feeds at night, and the tides are strongest during this moon phrase which will make your sturgeon, striper and salmon fishing trips especially successful. When the weather conditions are good, migratory fish comes into the rivers in large amounts on a higher tide, which can also be traced with a lunar calendar. All in all, the lunar calendar is vital for getting accurate data about conditions throughout the earth locations.

Lunar calendar is especially useful in gardening, which has relied on the moon calendar for many centuries now. During certain phases it's time to cut the abundant crops, during others you must keep your food in the storage area (i.e. cellar). Plant seeds and trees, start compost heaps, mow the lawn and kill all the weeds that would sprout back again on any other day. Some days are especially good for drying fruit, herbs and flowers. All this lunar calendar information will make your gardening work much easier and more rewarding.

Astrology leans heavily on moon cycles: it is believed that the moon is favorable for people born during the ascending lunar cycle, and negative for those born the in the descending moon cycle. People, who have the moon placed wrong in their horoscopes or if it corresponds badly with other planets, will find it sometimes extremely difficult to become successful. Sometimes even life itself will become rather harsh, with misfortunes falling upon the person all too often. When being children, these people tend to be much sicklier and weaker than their peers.

The moon-related gemstone is the pearl, metal - silver. In numerology the moon represents number 2. Examine the Moonsurfing's Lunar Calendar Cycles and you'll find it much easier to get to know yourself better and to adjust to your won natural rhythms. The moon phase of your birth is the key to your personality traits, internal emotional motivation and the purpose of your soul in this lifetime.