Love and Zodiac elements - Earthly sensuality

The Earth signs of the Zodiac have a very serious attitude to life and love, much more serious, than the other elements. They prefer facts, not assumptions.

These are the moearthly-sensualityst practical signs, so do not be surprised if on your first date, they will ask you about your intentions and plans for the future. These people are very straightforward. They are true materialists. These guys are starting to plan their retirement, almost from the university, so think about it, girls!

They like to discuss in details all the problems, which the "rapid" Fire and Air, for example, can not tolerate. These signs do not have time to plan everything the same seriously as the good old Mr. or Mrs. Earth will do, but in the same time the trouble happens with them more often. If you can attract the Earth and make him or her to fall in love with you, you'll get a faithful, reliable and stable partner. Tony Blair was born under the sign of Taurus.

Despite the fact that he is Prime Minister of England, he demands that his family was going down every morning for breakfast to meet a new day with him. Routine - this is an ideal family life for the people of Earth.

The union of Earth with another Earth has a good chance for success, but the spontaneity can not be expected in this kind of relationship. Such partnerships can be quite boring. But partners do not notice it. They follow their once set routine and worry when something breaks it. You should not interfere with their happiness. If you by yourself are in such a union, you'll be very happy, no matter, what exactly people around you will be thinking. Between you and your partner there will be a lot of things that outsiders do not see - and will never see!

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