Signs of the Zodiac and Sports

Let's talk about the characteristic strengths and weaknesses of people born under different signs of the Zodiac. In the popular magazines usually authors describe only the archetypes of the solar Zodiac sign - seems, that the rest of the planets are also in the same sign.

But in fact, things are much more complicated. At birth, only the Sun passes through this sign, and the rest of the planets can be located anywhere else. The more planets at the time of birth were standing in the Sun sign, the more relevant features of the given sign has the newborn in his character.

Conversely, if at the time of birth the other planets stopped in the other signs of Zodiac, the newborn is only slightly similar to the described type of character.

What is it telling us? That we must be very attentive to any "popular" information received, we must receive it and check it based on our internal feelings.

Love for sports and desire to exercise in the horoscopes of people depends primarily on the Sun and Mars. The Sun is a source of energy and life, our understanding of the world and of ourselves, as the center of a mini universe, our attitude towards the world, our hopes and dreams. Mars is showing our way of expressing our activity, directed actions, the desire to win, to concur. Mars gives us the energy of action, courage, passion and risk as well as the physical strength and endurance. Here we would like to share some ideas about the connection between our Zodiac signs and our attitude for sports.



Arieses by nature are impulsive and temperamental. Starting with sports, they want to achieve everything at once. Any obstacle, if they are not able to overcome it immediately and become a winner, spoils the mood, and the desire to continue slowly fades away.

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Taurus differ with his great perseverance and patience in anything and everything, that he is doing. Only beginning for Taurus is always very difficult. They do not rush headlong into the abyss of the unknown, instead, they always let their desires to be "cocked".

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Gemini, from the childhood having diversified interests, will always tend to try his hand at many sports. This sign is especially attracted to the team competitions.

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Cancers character is manifested in the high sensitivity, carefulness and emotionality. In their childhood, as a rule, they are not interested in sports, with the exception of anything related to water.

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People born under the Zodiac sign of Leo, are distinguished by unswerving strength of will and desire to be recognized as a leader and a winner. Each of them from the childhood is dreaming to achieve unprecedented results and if they start to exercise, then they have every chance to succeed.

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Virgos possess such - valuable for the novice athlete - qualities like discipline, punctuality, excellent hard working and a rare work ethic. The main problem of Virgo is associated with the fact, that they love to get engaged in intellectual explorations and are skeptical of any sportive hobbies.

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Libras differ with their the ability to keenly feel the harmony, their love for beauty and art. They are always especially attracted by the beauty of the physical body. They want to look perfect, to have a success with the opposite sex.

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Distinctive features of the Scorpions are: a passionate desire to achieve their goals, arrogance and disregard for nature hazards. Since their childhood, Scorpios feel their power, which distinguishes them from the other people.

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Sagittariuses differ with their restlessness, curiosity and the everlasting desire to embrace the immensity. They are interested in everything at once and it's hard for them to stay and keep concentrating on one thing.

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Capricorns are ambitious by nature, tough, tenacious in reaching their goals. Already at the early age this people know, what they want. If Capricorn will set himself the task of achieving success on the sports field, then gradually he will reach his target.

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Aquariuses - born rebels, innovators, adventurers. They are impossible to predict. They are always on the crest of a wave, they first begin to do things that are not yet born, not discovered, or simply not accepted.

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By their nature Pisces are gentle, shy and they often can be driven by the other people. They love the solitude and are trying to spend all their free time alone with their thoughts.

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