Signs of the Zodiac and Sports - Sagittarius

Sagittariuses differ with their restlessness, curiosity and the everlasting desire to embrace the immensity. They are interested in everything at once and it's hard for them to stay and keep concentrating on one thing.

Usually already in the childhood Sagittarius will try all possible kinds of sports and will gradually get an idea of the difficulties encountered. Sagittariuses mostly enjoy only those sports where they can show their credibility and have a grateful audience. Of course, this is the "Achilles' heel" of Sagittarius, because instead of seeking personal results and growing over them, they are concerned only with how to make an excellent impression. If this requirement is satisfied by the other aspects of life, the Sagittarius can hone his skills and can easily reach the peaks of Sport Olympus.

They like to take risks, exposure to impulses and emotions often leads them to the risky acts. As a consequence, serious injuries may occur in the area from the hips to the knees. After the trauma, Sagittarius tend to get carried away with some new idea. People of this sign love to do several things at once, with the same fervor and passion.

Sagittarius, you should frequently ask yourselves the questions: "Why should I care?" before performing the headlong rush into the unknown direction.

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