Love of Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Sagittarius, whose ruler is Jupiter, in his love is waiting for discovery and revelation, undying flame of desires and passions, turbulent emotions, trust and full commitment, perfect ideals (in his understanding, of course).

He is generous and always willing to give and he is waiting the same in response. It's very eclectic and inspiring love symbol, in love Sagittarius is funny and easy. He is a great romantic who is looking for a love of adventure and spiritual relaxedness.

Capricorn, whose boss is an "old man" Saturn, is waiting for the spiritual growth and improvement of two free individuals, where no one encroaches the inner freedom of the other. His motto - be a free person, but be with me. The desire to subjugate, to subdue and remake an object of love by his own understanding, too, is an ideal component of love of this "sculptor" - someone who likes to create his love. It seems that in another minute he will be ready to breathe in stone the power of life to create the perfect (in his own concept) being.

Aquarius, who is born under the influence of Uranus, is looking for freedom in life and love. These are a constant changes, unexpected and exciting. His soul is inclined to search for the universal ideal. Love for Aquarius is finding a soul mate, freedom of expression, the dissolution of the universal consciousness. But also - the fear of losing yourself in your partner, which means - loosing your freedom. Love of Aquarius is an area between emotional and rational worlds, these worlds are not meant to match - ever.

Love of Pisces is managed by Neptune. It is a great mystery and a big commitment, a sense of strength and faith, caring and compassion, romance and sensuality, soluble in nature, and most importantly - it's a transformation. This is an internal state in which they live and breathe. Pisces differ with the idealizing of the object of their love. But love of Pisces is hard to understand because, as a rule, they do not disclose their soul completely to anyone.