Love of Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio

Leos are marked with the strong influence of the Sun, they are looking for a powerful impact in a partner, an equivalent strength.

Ideally, they are interested in a faithful and powerful person - the same as they are, but not more and not less, for the strong light of a partner not to eclipse their nature, and for the weaker partner - not to get lost in the light of a magnificent Leo. In the polarity of senses, balance is the most important for Leo - not to experience a universal catastrophe, as Leos transfer all their senses through the heart.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Terrestrial Mercury is a pioneer in the natural selection of individuals, partners, directed by predominantly rational and sensible beginning. Virgo is very caring and attentive, this sign of zodiac is giving a lot and requires the same care and attention to her feelings, interests and desires. Virgos prefer wise and calm relationship. Too bright light is not in their style. They need a strong, but not sizzling partner - the one, who has balance in his mind and senses. His feelings for Virgo also should be as balanced as the nature itself, when the power of the day is always equal to the power of the night, that is absorbing heat and light. However, this sign is still more inclined to the rational than to the unconscious, to a mature relationship, stable unity without outbreaks and stress. Virgo is the sign of autumn balance and tends to be cold.

Libra, born under the protection of Venus, are looking for the balance of powers in love and for the spiritual union with their partner. Feelings, painted with the mature desires, relationship without loss and changes - are in their style. In love, which will reflect the desires of their mature nature, they are looking for a balance of mind and heart, passions and desires, emotions and wisdom, mature and strong feelings of mutual understanding and agreement. Romance, passion and sensuality are very important for those, who were born under the sign of Libra.

Scorpio, whose rulers are Mars and Pluto, is waiting to from love the chance to express his hot desires, quench the insatiable hunger and thirst for life, tumultuous change and boundless feelings. Love of Scorpio is misunderstood much more often in comparison with the other signs of the Zodiac. Sexy... Unscrupulous in acquaintances... These labels often may mindlessly be glued to these people. Love of a Scorpio - is primarily a deep loyalty, patience and amazingly strong feelings. Scorpio loves sex, but much more important to him would be the closeness of souls and hearts.