Love of Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancers

Love of Aries is colored by Mars - the power of passion and will, impulse, to give. Aries is able to erupt from the slightest spark that awakens the flame in his heart.

Because of love Aries immediately comes out of a state of inactivity, because it awakens in him the creative impulses. Love of Aries brings to the relationship a great energy and passion.

Love of Taurus is strongly influenced by Venus - like a pure nature, it represents a desire and a sense of the clearest form, the willing to satisfy his needs. Sensibility dominates in the erotic life of Taurus. The prevailing quality of Taurus in love is the persistence and an the innate ability to preserve the world of his senses untouched.

Love of Gemini is under the dictate of Mercury. Interaction, the desire to learn, to gain experience. Gemini have expressed interest in opening any unknown pages, in both meanings: in people and in the world. They never have enough experience, but if they have to much of a contacts  - here comes devastation, the charm of novelty is lost, and with it - the desire to live, develop and learn, and it is the most important spiritual component of Gemini. Without it, they lose interest in the world.

Cancers are Children of the Moon - they are subjected to emotions, feelings, instincts, unconscious dictates of the soul, the call of the mother nature will take care and be ward. Cancer's love is difficult. Cancer can only fall in love with someone who shares his mature view of life and supports the desire for safety and security of existence.