Love and Zodiac elements - The Fiery Passion

Signs of Fire can instantly grasp the situation. These people are able to find a partner in the most unexpected places - they are not afraid to tell an attractive stranger everything, what they think of him. Take a look at the "fiery" Victoria Beckham.

She told reportthe-fiery-passioners that already at the first meeting with her husband, David Beckham, she did not hesitate to tell him that he has "a nice ass". None of those, who are born under the sign of the Earth, will dare to say something like that - not even under the gun fire! Fire signs are acting instinctively and they inspire with their energy all other signs of the Zodiac. When Fire is interacting with the other elements, those elements are changing. You've probably heard how your friends are discussing the changes with someone they know, after they have entered into a relationship with Mr. or Mrs. Fire.

Fire signs adore life! They are confident, sociable and sincere. They are willing to do everything, that is in their power, for their loved ones - literally everything. They are generous in spirit and not stingy when it comes to money. They do not tend to act only in their own interests.

But remember that if the Fire quarrels, he is fighting seriously. If your neighbors are born under this sign, their quarrels will be able to reach the ears of a person, separated from them by the thickest walls. They just can not make it any other way! And if the silence is too long behind the wall, maybe it's time for you to worry. What if something happened?

People of Fire crave for pleasures and excitement. Nothing is more attractive for them, like the unexpected turn of events - although they are rarely confessing it. If the Fire will decide to seduce another Fire, life of this couple will never be called boring. None of the partners will be able to predict the behavior of the other one.

Be careful: it is not easy for two Fires to go through their whole life hand in hand. Appreciate those moments when you are together, and try not to torment each other. Fire and Earth are also not an "easy" couple. Earth tendsĀ  to limit the freedom of Fire too much, and the Fire is afraid that his life would become boring and predictable more than anything else.

Connect Fire and Water, and you will have a lot of fun, if only Water will not shut the Fire completely. On the other hand, cranky and restless nature of Fire can cause pretty much of a problems in this relationship. Nevertheless, Fire loves Water and thinks, that emotional people, that are born under Water signs are very attractive and interesting. Fire and Air is indeed a dizzying combination! These people have something to talk about and also their sexual life does not suffer from monotony. "Experiments in everything" - is the motto of these signs!

Love and Zodiac elements