Love and Zodiac elements - Water mystery

Water signs of the Zodiac - is the powerful and deep people. People born under these signs are able to penetrate into the subconscious.

They live in the sewaternses and are capable of a genuine compassion, they have a rich imagination and they are very sensitive. They make excellent lovers. When two Water signs are connected, this is not the best option. The desire for experimentation can lead to a passion for alcohol or drugs. But if they decided to form a healthy and lasting union and to overcome the habit, no doubt, they will succeed. Very soon they will become the pillars of a local society. These people do not stop at halfway, and the multimillionaire Bill Gates is a great example of that.

Bruce Willis (Pisces) married Demi Moore (Scorpio) in 1987 and immediately there came a lot of media reports about the turbulent relationships of the famous couple. Demi confessed that, when all goes well, they are getting along very well with each other, but when there is trouble, it is very difficult to overcome it. Their family life was so happy that they decided to have three children - Rumer, Scout and Tallulah. But the hard times were not long in coming, and the celebrity marriage ended with the divorce in October 2000. Of course, this does not happen necessarily, and there are many people, who were born under the Water signs, and lived in a happy marriages with their Water partners.

The key of success here is not to expect too much from a partner - which is very often in the Water signs. The union of Earth and Water is usually very happy and strong. Typically, in such a family there will be a lot of children. Water and Fire are hardly staying together. Fire causes Water to be boiled. To avoid conflicts in such a union, people will have to put too much effort.

Water and Fire should better be friends, ready to give and take. Water and Air is also not the best option, though quite interesting. This kind of couples are usually very eccentric!

Love and Zodiac elements