Who have the strongest nerves - Aquarius

Aquarius loves to change partners, so parting with him is quite easily. In addition, this sign is not vindictive and is very easy in communication, so in this case, you can simply invite him somewhere for coffee and say that you two are not good for each other and you'd better leave.

There is every chance that your application will be taken fine, you will part as good friends and will sometimes visit each other's homes.

If a simple statement will not be enough, show that you are tired of noisy companies, extravagant behaviors and decided to get down to business - to write a dissertation, earn lots of money, to do gardening and so on.

The main thing is that your idea did not seem worthy of Aquarius's attention, or he - with his enthusiasm - would start helping you. In addition, Aquarius can not stand jealousy, suspicion, and household chores, so the attempt to put his friends out of the house, the scene with tears and a requirement to repair the kitchen sank will make him to desire to immediately escape from this hell. And you got what you wanted.

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